Wednesday, May 30, 2012

E & me {garden}

Em and I took an unplanned break from E & me these past couple of weeks. We were busy doing other stuff {ugh, so much other stuff} but now we're back and ready to get into the routine of posting our weekly photo collage once more. Which reminds me... After nearly a year of Canada/France comparisons, we need some new ideas! Please leave a comment with a suggestion or two of what we should photograph next, won't you? Merci!

This week, we're in the garden. And all sorts of goodies are sprouting up!

Green salad avec strawberries, anyone? And can you guess what's growing in each of our gardens?


  1. What a fun Em and Me post! Gardens are so much fun. I'm not an expert at recognizing the things that sprout up yet... It looks like the plot on the left would make a nice salad!

    I have a strawberry plant that is blooming like crazy! I can't wait to have fresh berries to eat :)

  2. Your gardens are beautiful! And I can already see which is yours, because I've been there. Those strawberries are going to be delicious!


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