Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just a minute in April

Going for runs around the lake. I love the trail, the trees, the peace and quiet across the water. And how fabulous I feel when I'm done.
Eating the last of the Easter chocolate.
Drinking lots of water {I never get enough} and more diet Coke than I should.
Reading Wildwood. I am a children's librarian, after all, and the cover art is just so pretty.
Writing letters to my faraway friends {I miss you!}
Watching... nothing really. We cancelled the cable, and right now I'm trying to get out for more fresh air & exercise in the evenings. Ooh, we do love Fringe though, and try to keep up with it every week... It's our Friday night date!
Determined to say what I think, when I think it.
Making plans for the summertime {Sorrento, here we come!}
Wishing I'd had more time in New York City {there are still plenty of photos left to come, by the way}
Feeling like I'm making a good dent in Mission "Let's Organize this House and Get Rid of Crap!" It's a good feeling.
Looking like a hot mess. I've got the flu- the one where your entire body aches and you alternate between feeling freezing cold and all hot & sweaty. Here's hoping I feel at least a little bit better tomorrow...
Listening to songbirds outside my bedroom window every morning. So nice to wake up to.
Looking forward to the summer. I'm ready for long, warm days and living life a bit more freely {and less according to a busy schedule}.

How has your April been? Anything like mine?

fabulous photo credit: Gordon Parks, April 1961, LIFE magazine

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  1. I think the water cancels out the Diet Coke! hehe

    So many bloggers are writing about their love of running. I've never been good at it or stuck with it long enough to know what I'm capable of. I think I need to give it another try!


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