Monday, March 05, 2012

Teachers' strike, day one

It was cold out there today in the wind, but we walked and talked and waved at the cars going by {and felt heartened by all the beeps and thumbs-up of support}. I don't know if any of it will do any good, but we have to say that we tried.

It's good to have such fantastic supporters. With awesome signs.

We're at the Legislature tomorrow, rallying with thousands of others {union members, parents, students, community groups} to protest the sham that is Bill 22. The future of public education in this province is at stake, and we're not going to let it happen without a fight. If you're in Victoria, won't you join us?


  1. Hi Erin, what is Bill 22 about?


    1. Therese,
      Basically, Bill 22 violates the legal rights of workers in British Columbia, teachers in particular. The Supreme Court of BC is not going to like this.

      "Bill 22 is an imposed contract. It freezes wages, extends “net-zero”’, erodes children’s learning conditions and teachers’ working conditions. The only thing Bill 22 leaves for negotiation is more employer demands for concessions.

      No independent “mediator” chosen by a neutral third-party is used in Bill 22; instead the BC Liberal Education Minister makes that appointment.

      Real mediation does not require Bill 22; mediation is a tool readily available through the Labour Code. Teachers, school trustees, even the employer organization agreed to real mediation before Bill 22 was introduced; only the BC Liberal government opposed mediation."


  2. Can you feel me cheering you on from afar?
    {Also, could Dylan be the cutest striker ever?}
    Bon courage for day three of the strike, my friend!


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