Tuesday, March 06, 2012

J'adore X 3

Over the past few days, I've found a few little tidbits online that are simply too fab not to share. Ready?

Paris in a box, via You Are My Fave

Em and I definitely need to meet up in Paris one day soon-ish, so I should probably get this box of goodies to prepare, oui? Oui. Bien sûr. And in my entire life, I have yet to taste a  macaron, so I should really get on that right now.

Paper cities by Joel are too sweet to resist 

I'm picturing Paper Paris all laid out on the desk in my office. How cute would that be? Très mignon, that's how cute.

How pretty is this poster?

I love pretty much everything Oscar Wilde ever said. And this particular quote really sums up how I'm feeling these days.

What are you loving online these days? Share the link in the comments, won't you please? Perhaps I'll adore it too...


  1. You have never had a macaron?? Thank goodness you're going to NYC. Maybe we need to have a wee macaron party together? We could grab a few from around NYC and I'll bring some up from here in DC. We might be in sugar comas by the end, but we'll have certainly made up for the macaron-less years...

  2. I am so proud of the teachers in my family. Not just for the job you do but for what you believe in and stand up for!!


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