Monday, February 20, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

It was a good weekend around here. Our preschool open house was a success, as was "Operation Clean Out and Re-organize the Boys' Closet." The weather was less than desirable, so we spent a good deal of time indoors reading and drawing and playing games. The one exception was the hour on Saturday afternoon when the clouds broke for a while and we headed straight for the park. I also went for a run in the wind on Sunday night, before coming home to watch Fringe with Alan {super scary this week... I watched most of it with my hands over my eyes}. Oh, and I made a roast chicken dinner on Sunday, with Yorkshire pudding! All in all, I'd say it was a success. How about you? How was your weekend? I know a lot of you had a long one... I'd be happy for you if I weren't so jealous!

Dylan wrote a book. Come back tomorrow to read it in its entirety :)

Top of the monkey bars

The boys like to play under this big tree

Sawyer loves the swings

Blue sky breaking through the clouds

Reading up on dino facts

A new drawing book = hours of fun

Kitchen dance party!

Words of wisdom from Dr Seuss at the library


  1. love the drawings....have you seen the ed emberley drawing books? they're a big hit with my class.

  2. is that write up in your library at school??? Thats so cool


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