Monday, January 23, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

The rain poured down all weekend and gale force winds blew {for real}. So we stayed warm and dry indoors pretty much the entire time. We did go out to a little Greek place at the mall on Friday night for dinner, and I went to the pub on Saturday night with some girlfriends, but during the days we mostly hung out inside, doing jigsaw puzzles & Lego, watching movies, painting and colouring and staying snug by the fire. Sawyer actually stayed in his pajamas all weekend long! It was good, and necessary, and I feel well-rested and full of energy. Always a good thing!

Now it's Monday morning and the sun is out. I'm looking forward to a busy week ahead. But more on that another time. For now, some scenes from our cozy weekend...

Friday night at the mall, I spotted this chair. Now I want it in our living room.


A Lego extravaganza!

 It rained so much that all our lovely snow was washed away almost over night

 I tidied up my office. You can see my beautiful desk again!

 The boys had a spill whilst painting. They cleaned it up, and made a warning sign so I wouldn't slip when I came downstairs. Love it.

 Crepes for dinner, Saturday night

 With raspberries and whipped cream!

Girls' night out at the pub. Who knew Music Bingo would be so much fun?

 Sunday night grocery shopping. 

It took every ounce of my willpower not to buy all of these dvds as an early Valentine's Day present to myself!

How was your weekend? Let's hear all about it...


  1. After reading various blogs it looks like rain is the theme of this past weekend! We're getting it all today. I'm glad you had a nice, cozy weekend. Those crepes look delicious!

  2. i love relaxing weekends in my pj's! altho being out & about is fun, too. *laugh* and it looks like i need to avoid the movie bins at wm again... or bring some money... ; )

  3. It rained here all day today and now our precious snow is nearly gone too. Alas!

  4. Sounds like a cozy weekend. Days in PJs are the best:). And I love the mall chair... looks like a good buy:). Have a good week!
    xox, Blair

  5. i can't get over the "warning" sign!!! ADORABLE!!!

    mmm crepes!!! i need the recipe please! :)

    p.s. i was just enjoying a grey morning and reading your note that came in the mail yesterday (i love the british card!) will send one your way soon!

  6. fabulous chair! love that caution sign! hope you're saving it in their memory box/books!

  7. How lovely your weekend could be. I like your cozy desk and your sweet little bunch for that warning sign, adorable. Crepes looks yum.
    buy aion account

  8. I want to come over for some crepes! And I could use a good thunderstorm or snowstorm. It did snow while I was in SLC, but I feel like I missed it. It just hasn't been very wintery here in DC (I know, I'm totally asking for it by writing that).


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