Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday morning daydream {window seat}

A window seat and built-in bookcases?  On a landing as pretty as this one? Yes, please! I could happily spend an entire day sitting right here... How about you?


  1. I would love to sit there alllllllll day. But of course I'd get up every so often to make us a new pot of tea! XOXO!

  2. oh my goodness, yes, that would be awesome to have a little nook like that!

  3. Happy weekend friend! Did I tell you that you turned me onto Parenthood? I am now a fan!

  4. Oh good, Jo! Isn't it wonderful? As soon as the theme song starts, I'm smiling and singing along... How far in are you? It just keeps getting better, I promise.

  5. Do you know ... we watch This Old House ... and I was JUST thinking about this very book nook the other day, I kid you not. So when I saw your photo here I wondered ... could it be the same one? Ha, wouldn't you know it? .... it's from This Old House and the library landing I was remembering and wishing for.



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