Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday morning daydream {comfy corner}

This looks rather nice, doesn't it? I'll take the chair on the right. 
Who wants the other one?

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  1. it does look like the perfect place to have a chat & a coffee, right!? : )

  2. Count me in - looks like a better day than here - with the looming snow clouds coming in! Tea and scones?

  3. This Saturday that looks so ideal I can hardly stand it! The white and light greens look so calming (and warm).

  4. I would love to take the other seat please and lose the day chatting. Then again I would love to take a perch on your actual sofa today as I am super jealous of your snow! Oh how I wish it would turn chilly here in England, I am fed up of the mild Winter now. Hope you get a chance to enjoy it dear friend! xx

  5. ooohhh.... makes me want tea... and summer, actually:). hope you're having a lovely weekend!
    xox, Blair

  6. I would gladly take the other chair. To sit outside and to enjoy the sunshine while drinking tea and eating some delightful things would be so relaxing.

    Thanks again for your wonderful comment! I think a 'me' day is in the cards in the near future.


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