Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday wishes

Today is Alan's birthday. There will be cake and balloons and presents, of course. There will even be a birthday pinata {an absolute must, according to Sawyer}! Tomorrow night, we're going out to dinner and a movie while the boys go to my parents' place for a sleepover... I can't wait!

In the meantime, who wants to see some photos of my husband when he was a kid?

Yep, I thought you would...

In his high chair, circa 1969.

School photos with big sister Wendy {aren't they adorable?}

Hanging out with his cousins.
Can you guess which one is Alan? {hint: he looks a lot like Sawyer!}

12 years old here maybe? {I love how that cat looks just like Bob!}

Happy Birthday, Dar! I hope the year ahead is wonderful.


  1. Happy Birthday, Alan! (I am amazed by how much your boys look like him as a child. . .)

  2. aw, a very merry birthday to alan!! also, your boys look so much like him when he was a boy! (...oh, i just saw that abbie said the same thing. it's totally true!)

  3. awww old photographs are my favorite and there's nothing sweeter than seeing ones of the man you married-- especially if you can see your child in their face.

    happy birthday to your darling husband! i hope you two have the most loveliest of times celebrating him and thanks for sharing your little Dar :) adorable! x

  4. Aw, happy birthday to your husband - the last photo looks like the spitting image of Dylan! Enjoy your date tomorrow :-)

  5. Thanks for posting our pics! Happy Hugs to Alan.
    Giftie is in the pipeline and I know time deifferentials are different in this polarity, so we will chat at le weekend.
    All Flds say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ALAN! PLease show him this! xxx

  6. happy birthday, alan! holy smokes, dylan looks like photo #2!

  7. happy happy birthday to your hubby! enjoy the festivities: you've got me thinking of cupcakes and sweet treats now, uh oh...

  8. gorgeous pics of your sweetheart! those were so fun to look at. happy birthday from toronto!


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