Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

It was the first weekend of Christmas vacation, and wow! What a busy one it was... I finished work at 3 on Friday and headed straight to the church hall to get set up for our preschool's Supper with Santa {a smash hit with the parents and kids, in case you were wondering}. Saturday we cleaned and organized, brought in the tree, decorated, wrapped presents. Sunday I got to the gym for a good workout {my thighs still hurt}, worked on the tree some more {it's a really big tree, and we have a lot of ornaments!}, went grocery shopping, and had a lovely time in the evening watching White Christmas at my sister's place. 

Most magical Santa ever

See what I'm saying?

Opening presents at the Santa Supper

Dylan loves his British book

Time to decorate the tree!

Work in progress- pretty, non?

Fab new Christmas CD, a last-day-of-school gift to myself

Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in my sister's living room

I'm super tired now. I have a mile-long list of things I'd like to accomplish tomorrow, before we head to a friend's house for a Christmas baking party in the afternoon {shortbread, butter tarts and mince pies are on the agenda}, so I'd better get my sleepy self to bed right now. 

But before I go... won't you please tell me what you got up to this weekend?


  1. I was working all weekend but I now have a few days off - hoorah.
    He looks like the real Santa, well how you'd imagine he should look. Pretty sparkly tree.

  2. Love that you finally get to be more Christmasy now that school is done! I've always wondered how children react around Santas since they can freak a couple kids out and then there's a breakdown to deal with, but it sounds like your two had the best time with Super Santa!

    I'm glad you are starting this week with some Christmas goodies -- yum. e. :)

  3. I swear, he WAS the real Santa! I've not felt that way about a Santa since I was a kid. He had me convinced!

  4. Gawd, isn't being on winter break fabulous!? I'm sitting in my pj's at 11:30 AM eating a bowl of yogurt, granola and honey while blasting Michael Bublé Christmas radio. This is the life :)


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