Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winter's on its way

It is fuh-reezing outside today. The wind is icy cold, and I'd almost swear that snow is in the air. Which, I must admit, would be sort of fun. But only if I didn't have to drive anywhere.

I think this is what we'll be doing tonight. Getting cozy by the fire in the thickest, comfiest socks we can find. I figure hot chocolate is probably in order. Ooh, and it would be fun to roast marshmallows, wouldn't it? I wonder if we have any...

Tell me... has the snow started to fall where you live yet?

PS: No E & me today, I'm afraid. I have only just cleared my camera card, so I didn't get a chance to take any photos for Em and I to compare this week. Never fear though... I'm sure we'll be back next Wednesday. Until then, why don't you visit Rue de France and say hi to my favourite friend in the whole wide world? Her blog is full of beautiful photos of the French scenery, and stories of her life in France. And I happen to know... she loves comments!

tree in snow via here
cozy socks via here


  1. we have sooooo much snow here! weeeeee!
    my only wish would be for a fireplace. It just doesn't seem right that we don't have one.

  2. Getting comfy by the fire with hot chocolate sounds like the best thing to do:) Thankfully the snow hasn't started yet in Denmark, and hopefully it will only snow during Christmas:)

  3. we ahve the fire going tonight again no snow for us :(
    ps....i posted Kirstie to you today!


Yay! I love comments.


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