Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday morning daydream {beautiful bedroom}

A beautiful bed, a comfy armchair, a good book, a fireplace... and the winter sunshine pouring in through the window. That's what this Saturday morning's daydream is made of.

via birch & lily


  1. It's Saturday night here, and that bed for sure looks comfortable, I don't need the book, but the fire and the bed will do:) maybe after a good nights sleep I will take the book as well.

  2. we have the original fireplace in our bedroom but we don't use it as it's tiny and really prob not a good idea to have a fire in the hubbie is very saftey consious. looks great though!!

  3. Oh I have spent alot of the wekend in bed catching up on sleep, I feel very lazy now.

  4. totally cozy! : )

    i thought i would be sleeping a lot this weekend, but had lots of plans instead! lol

  5. OMG that's like my dream bedroom. How fabulous would that be?? Can't you imagine the yard just out the window?

  6. I want to be there in that chair! Warming my toes by the fire and reading a good book. IT looks wonderful :)


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