Friday, November 25, 2011


Wow, this week flew by! Is it really Friday again already? Excellent, because I could use a sleep-in this weekend. I'm putting it on the calendar for tomorrow! I haven't been getting anywhere near enough sleep lately and I'm really feeling it. I have been getting some other good stuff though, and for that I'm grateful. This week I'm thankful for:

* cups of tea brought to me
* a magazine in the mail {thanks, Claire!}
* warm socks and a hot water bottle
* time with my boys to write Christmas lists and sing songs
* a phone call from a dear friend {hi, Kelly!}
* an advent calendar card in my mailbox {Dylan would like you to know, there are just 6 more days until December 1st!}
* working with friends
* Pro-D day and a change of pace
* after a workout, sitting in Starbucks and writing to Em
* twinkly lights going up around the neighbourhood
* a week without any meetings
* chocolate covered almonds {just a few}
* the silliness of a sparkly vampire wedding! {might be going to see Breaking Dawn this weekend}
* my family and friends who are really just the very best
* this blog, and all of you!

Happy Friday. Hope there are lots of things making you feel grateful today, too.
E xo


  1. Excellent list! You chose a perfect photo too; I love that tea cozy. No meetings? That's pretty nice. Noah and I were looking over tickets to the Lion King Broadway performance for next spring and we kept checking calendars of our schools and we're sort of crossing our fingers that we'll be able to go!

  2. advent card? so fun! i need to find an advent calendar for indy. i've only been saying that since october!
    your list is great! so many things to love.

  3. i just found an advent card the other day i'm gonna include it in a swap :)hope you enjoyed Kirstie! Did you think she had been photoshopped a bit!?

  4. Today I'm feeling grateful for family, friends & the fact that if I have a bad day, I can just start anew tomorrow. Night night from France. Bises!

  5. P.S. That tea cup cozy? Fantastic times 5 million.


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