Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The red cups make me happy

So happy that, after two days of being sick at home and one very long night-time meeting at preschool, I decided to take myself to the Starbucks drive-thru for my first festive red cup beverage of the season. Why hello there, decaf gingerbread latté! How are you?

Yes, the photo is blurry. But it's late and I'm tired and I really can't be bothered to take another one. Anyway, never mind the blur. Check out that cup. It's red! And you know what that means... It means that Christmas is just around the corner! And anyone who knows me knows that I am a girl who is all about the Christmas cheer. Even if it is only the 2nd of November, it still makes me happy. And a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to be happy, right? Now, please excuse me while I go sip my latté from under the covers of my cozy bed...

* Ooh, and speaking of the holidays, don't forget to sign up for my sweet friend Micaela's Christmas ornament swap. It's always so much fun! There are 9 days left to join, so head over there right this second!


  1. just had my first peppermint mocha latte of the season this AM and it made me unnaturally happy.

  2. you are so cute. love how your hair looks in that picture.

    starbucks gingerbread lattes are so special to Chad + I that we write it into our advent calendar. :)

  3. aww, it's a nice picture, never mind the blurs! i had my first red cup today - it was a joy to find they have skinny peppermint mocha's! : )

  4. eep! yay!! i know, i saw my very first red cup this week and it made me so happy. the gingerbread lattes are available now? oh heavens! i hope dannon knows i require an increase in our grocery budget nov-dec for starbucks. :)

  5. I haven't had Starbucks in weeks, but all of my friends are teasing me by posting pictures of those cute red cups! :) I'm so glad the holiday season is underway...

    I'm not sure that I'm ready for snow yet thgouh, hehe.

    Can you believe it's already time to do another ornament swap?! I've already been paired with you and Kim, can it get any better than that!?

  6. I'm not a Starbucks girl so I never get excited over the red cup =-(

  7. Eeee! I'm so excited for Christmas. Red cups are good :) I'm really looking forward to Christmas and I can't wait until the ornament swap. x

  8. I had my first red cup yesterday. Might do it again today with a pepperminty sort of drink to sip at a craft fair!

  9. even though it's blurry, you look fab in that photo! going to sign up for the ornament swap now. xo


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