Wednesday, November 02, 2011

E & me {jack o'lanterns}

October is only just behind us, so I hope you don't mind if I carry on the Halloween theme for just a little bit longer. Because this week's E & me is all about the jack o'lanterns. 

We ended up carving 4 of the 8 pumpkins at our house, one "really scary" one and the rest with big smiles, like you see on the left hand jack o'lantern below. It's Sawyer's favourite.

Way across the ocean in France, Em and her niece Juliette carved a pretty spectacular one themselves. Check out that fancy, star-shaped lid! And those fun, imported-from-Canada, Halloween umbrellas on top... Très festive, non?

Em says France is "not very Halloween" but now that she's in residence, I think all that's about to change :)


  1. these are great! i love the umbrellas haha

  2. Those umbrellas are fantastic, huh? Thanks so much for sending them, Erin! They definitely made our Jack O'Lantern project even more exciting for Juliette. And did you see that she stuck one on her birthday cake too? {} So festive!

  3. I love the pumpkin on the left and it's downward facing teeth. Very cute!

  4. I love these! Unfortunately, I never carved a pumpkin but at least I can keep ours throughout the rest of the season!


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