Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday morning daydream {time with my best friend}

If I could be anywhere in the world this morning, I'd like to be in Annecy {picture postcard town in the French Alps} with Em. I wish I could be there with her to eat croissants for breakfast, and to visit the Saturday morning market to gather the things we'd need to make a fabulous picnic lunch. I'd love it if we could spend the afternoon strolling along the canal {look at those lovely autumn colours!} and then head back to her apartment for a cup of tea and perhaps some macarons. Yum! In the evening we'd drink wine and read silly Hollywood gossip magazines and paint each other's toenails. Yes. To spend Saturday with my best friend... I'd like that oh so much.

Damn it, France. Why do you have to be so far away?!

photo via here


  1. We should totally do a blogger meet up there, hehe.

  2. This sounds perfect. I really wish we could make it happen. I miss you a lot. XOXOXO...

  3. does your friend Em really live in France? Oh I hate long distance relationships :O(

  4. I wish nothing more than for you and Em to really be able to do that anytime you wanted :( It's so hard to live so far away from loved ones :( My mom and I were watching "Gossip Girl" on instant netflix earlier today (guilty pleasure!) and they were eating macarons and would you believe I have never had one?!?! Shame! :) I ask myself that last question you posed every single day, but instead of France, I ask of London :(


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