Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rainy day style

I spotted a few really great fall jackets on A Cup of Jo this morning, which led me to the website Bridge & Burn, a Portland-based outfitter. I love this rain coat- it's just the right blend of functional and stylish, non? For a girl who spends hours outside in the rain with her kindergarten class {no way I can keep them cooped up inside all day! we'd all go crazy...} and who is planning to go for lots of autumn walks with her boys, regardless of the weather... this jacket is pretty much perfect. And it's grey. I love grey. Plus, I've discovered that Bridge & Burn actually have a shop here in Victoria! What are the chances of that? Might just have to make a trip downtown this weekend.

Has the rainy season arrived where you are yet?

photo credit- randall garcia

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  1. we had two rainy days last week for the first time since last winter and i LOVED it!! we definitely got more rain in san francisco, but even when it wasn't raining there, the fog would be so thick that you would still get wet walking around at night. i loved it all, and i have been really missing the grey, cold, wet weather. LA is just way too hot and dry. sigh... but i know we'll be getting our winter eventually. last year was cold and wet, so i just need to be patient.


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