Wednesday, October 12, 2011

E & me {turkey dinner}

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada. We celebrated like we always do, with not one but two delicious family dinners, both featuring turkey as the main course. 

Would you believe they celebrate Thanksgiving in the French Alps in much the same way? Well, this year anyway...

Em's parents are visiting Annecy at the moment, which means cranberry sauce and pumpkin puree made their way across the Atlantic to Em & Fran├žois' apartment, and a traditional Thanksgiving dinner was served!

And so, this week's E & me features photos of the Thanksgiving turkey, one in each country, but each very much the same as you can see:

With plenty of savoury stuffing, of course!

Soup and sandwiches will be on the menu for the rest of the week...

Bon appetit!


  1. mmm! i can't wait for thanksgiving here in the US. a little over a month to go.

  2. Mm, mm, mm!

    I've decided that Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, so naturally I'm jealous that my Canadian friends get to partake in it sooner than we do! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with the people you love <3


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