Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy things {well, sort of...}

This has not been what I'd call a happy week. In fact, it's been pretty horrendous. But I guess when life's like that, that's the most important time to try to find some little things which bring you joy? And so here are a few little things that have made me feel happy this week. I'm grateful for them...

A long bubble bath, a hot cup of tea, and a scented candle on the side of the tub {no... that's not my bathtub, but isn't it lovely?}

Decorating our haunted gingerbread house with the boys {check out that black icing!}

Watching Sawyer do the Monster Mash, in his paper-bag monster costume {there's nothing cuter}

Autumn leaves and hot drinks, brought to me by friends

Ordering my Christmas cards {see that quote? it's from my favourite movie ever}

Sending my love in the mail

Have a happy weekend, won't you? I have a feeling ours will be all about the pumpkins. How about yours?

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  1. Ack! The "It's a Wonderful Life" quote ... love it!! (thanks!!)

    And yes, aren't parcels and post so much better?! (I almost hate going away for Christmas because I then miss a good week of pre-Christmas full postbox days!)

    I hope your weekend is much better than your week! :)

  2. Your weekend will hopefully be much better than your week. Love that haunted gingerbread house! We're having guests this weekend and also celebrating a birthday. I hope it goes well because my husband was up all night sick and I am afraid!

  3. Hello friend, hope your weekend turns up!
    I love that Haunted gingerbread house how fun!

  4. Yeah, I've had a terrible week over here as well. Le sigh. It's already 8 p.m. here in France, so I guess I've survived this week. Ooooooof. You will too. XOXOXOXOXO times a million.

  5. Your weekend looks amazing! Hot drink, bubbly bath, some letters.. that would be awesome :)

  6. I love your gingerbread house and Sawyer's costume. I'm sorry it's been a rough week for you Erin. Hopefully it'll be turning around today to start this upcoming week all nice and fresh.

    Plus, I think you're absolutely right about bad weeks being the best time to look at the little things in each day that were good. Sending you love and good thoughts!

  7. That haunted house is all sorts of epic. I hope your weekend was a nice respite from your shitty week. I feel like you and I could commiserate over the many trials that come with being early childhood educators. So many people I know think it's all cupcakes and unicorns without a bad day ever. Ha! (I love it, but it sure isn't easy!)

  8. It was horrendous? Why? You did get to talk to me after all. I do hope you're feeling better and plans are in place for Halloween tomorrow. I can't wait to see pictures of the boys. (And thanks for the reminder to get cracking on my holiday cards -- I best start that soon!)

  9. I'm sorry your week had a bump in it! Bum it's always great to see the happy things! And these are great - I love your Halloween gingerbread house - spooky and yummy :)


    P.S. 'Tis the season! I'm so excited not only because beginning Tuesday all the radio stations will start playing holiday music but because tis the season to be jolly after all :)
    I had the perfect Sunday watching "Christmas with the Kranks" and listening to Elvis sing Blue Christmas while sipping hot coffee :)


  10. i am SO SORRY for your horrendous week :( but yes, i believe in times like these in finding joys in the simple things (our hearts are the same).

    bubble baths are the only way i can unwind from a work day and being on my feet for a couple of hours (i trade out the cup of tea for a glass of red wine though ;) ha)

    never did i see the cutest Monster Mash dancer, or a spookier yet VERY pretty haunted gingerbread house (genius!)

    your christmas cards are SO YOU-- now to find mine for this year... :)

    love through the mail is always the best, agred.

    some of my simple joys:
    right now it's just 1 p.m. in the afternoon but i'm making honey & cinammon oatmeal cos i have the day off before i work straight through sunday :P (closing shifts too)

    since i was off yesterday and today, i've stayed up til after midnight watching re-runs of "felicity" on netflix... oh ben. actually, re-watching it, i love me some noel too!!!



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