Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 
Hope it's as spooky, and candy-filled, as you like it. I'm looking forward to raiding the kids' treat bags tonight for the peanut butter cups. All the peanut butter cups. They're my favourite.

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  1. haha, is that the perk of having children? "here kids, let momma make sure there aren't any spiders in your bags... and you better not watch me search or a ghost will steal your soul." mmm, peanut butter cups...

  2. If I were Sawyer or Dylan I would keep my eye on my candy:)

  3. I already told them I get 50 percent of all skittles and peanut M&M's

  4. Our kids have caught on to how Halloween works and they have also become quite adept at remembering exactly what they got. :( No peanut butter cups for me! Our youngest did give me a bag of ketchup chips telling me they were "Tomato! Yuck!"

  5. I know I'm a little late but I hope you enjoyed your peanut butter cups, we cant get them here and its turns out that they are my favourite thing ever!! :)


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