Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy {autumn} things to end the week with

It has been another long and busy week. Mornings have been awful all week long around here, and I have felt as though I'm always running out the door at the last minute. I hate that. I'm so happy that the weekend is almost here {hello, sleeping in past seven!} and that it's going to be a long one. Hooray for Canada and our early October Thanksgiving! Can't wait for the traditional outdoor dinner at my mom & dad's house, and {let's face it} the pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

In the meantime, how about a few happy things to end the week with? We went out for an hour or so last night, and I snapped a few photos around the neighbourhood of things that made me smile.

 The autumn wreath on our front door

 An evening bike ride on a beautiful October night, and stopping to admire the very festive house, all decked out for Halloween, at the end of our street

 The leaves changing colour. I love a pretty autumn tree, don't you? {even one that's a little bit blurry}

Watching Sawyer do laps around the cul-de-sac

 This photo makes me all kinds of happy. Look at him go flying by!

How was your week? Was it a good one? I hope so! See you back here on Monday, with plenty of scenes from the {holiday} weekend!

Until then, happy Friday.
E xo

PS: I've been a terrible blogging friend lately and haven't managed to comment on very many of your blogs, let alone read them! Forgive me? I'll try to catch up over the weekend. In the meantime, won't you leave me a comment to let me know what's new and exciting with you? Thanks!


  1. Your autumn is so pretty. The leaves are such a lovely shade. And that last photo. Wow look at him go. Glad to see your children are so active ;) Have a lovely weekend.

  2. First of all ... that's a fabulous last photo! The blur .... but then the focus on Dylan.

    I'm so glad it's the weekend too - and a long one. Sam works til 8pm three nights a week and I'm just about ready to call it quits by the end. Even though the boys are great ... I'm just so tired of those very long, on my own days.
    I'm loving X Factor these days, loving Parenthood and The Good Wife. Loving a full TiVo list whenever I check it. Can't wait for Mad Med to start up. Needing to start on my 2010 Blurb blog book this weekend - one of my must-do October projects. I have my previous years archived in book form this way so I gotta get 2010's done!!
    Rainy day today - our first in ages! - rainy and gloomy. Feels like I'm back on the Island. So many of the leaves have dropped and I'm heartbroken to see that. Even if the winter is mild here (or at least not -30c) it's just so barren and ugly for so long.
    Excited that Sam's insisting on making the Thanksgiving dinner this year - what a man! Though I will make the pumpkin pie. I have the famous recipe from Sooke Harbour House and it IS delicious!
    Can't forget to write on here my thanks for your suprise 'real mail' treat this week! Yep, love the card!! :) And am envious of that return address stamp - so lovely - on my wish list too.

    Ok, I've done my seriously long-comment-good-deed for the day .... :) .... have a good Friday! Talk soon ...

  3. just found you through the twins. I love that last photo! what a keeper that one is!!

  4. I hear ya on the keeping up with blogs thing. I've never had a huge problem checking in with all my favorites every couple of days or so, but this school year is like, whooosh! that's time whipping past my head. Still working on the juggle I suppose. xoxo, friend.


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