Wednesday, October 05, 2011

E & me {cash}

I'm super late with my E & me post this week. So late, in fact, that someone gave me hell at my preschool meeting tonight. "It's Wednesday!" she said to me. "And there was no E & me! I checked!"

Oops. Sorry about that {but just a quick aside: I love finding out that people read my blog! hi Wendy!} Anyway, Wednesdays are a bit crazy, what with teaching kindergarten all day, driving to cross-country and soccer, and then coming home to get supper ready, all before running out the door again to a meeting of some sort... And when Em's just flown back to France from a whirlwind getaway to Marrakech, and hasn't had a chance to snap a photo for the week's theme yet, there's not much I can do. We'll be more organized next week, I promise.

And now, enough of the excuses.  Without any further ado, I give you... money! In two currencies, even! Forgive me now?

The Euros don't look all that different from our Canadian dollars and cents really, do they?

Except of course for the hockey players. 

The five dollar bill is so totally my favourite {and so totally Canadian, eh?}


  1. Wow, the Canadian dollar really does look similar to the Euro!

  2. I remember the first time I saw foreign money -- I couldn't figure out why any country would want their money to look like Monopoly money. I was young then and the US bills were all green. They're a bit more colorful now but still don't compare to Canadian money or the Euro bills.


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