Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy things to end the week with

It's Friday again, the last one in August. I'm off to spend the day outside in the sunshine. But first, how about some happy things to end the week with?

* Birthday parcels, ready to mail off this morning.

* Fresh blackberries. With vanilla ice cream, they'll make the perfect dessert.

* Getting to spend more time with my sister yesterday {even though, collectively, our kids were obnoxious and drove us mental}

Big Bang Theory. So funny. How is it that we've never watched this show before?

* Getting preschool work done: Executive agenda? Check. Orientation night schedule? Check. Calm, collected and organized president? Check!

* Walking in the loveliest warm ocean water= happy feet.

* Doctor Who returns tomorrow night!!! Awesome. Let's kill Hitler!

Plans for the weekend include more beach time, a picnic, Starbucks {and lesson planning} with my teaching partner, baking a blackberry crumble, reading a good book while I lay in the grass somewhere, lounging on the couch eating popcorn and watching sci-fi with my hubby, and- fingers crossed- hopefully going to see The Help on Sunday night {I adored the book and can't wait to see the movie}...

How about you? What has your weekend got in store? Whatever it is, I hope it's excellent.

Happy Friday!

PS: Flowers for you. Bet you thought I forgot...

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  1. sounds like a most beautiful weekend. be sure to post the blueberry cobbler.

  2. and by cobbler i mean crumble:)

  3. WARM ocean water? That sounds heavenly!

    Happy Friday, Erin- have a wonderful weekend!

  4. toes in the sand + water? bliss indeed!!!

    how you ever have a moment to rest and read is beyond me ;) i need your energy!!! "the help"-- it's the only book i didn't get a chance to getting to before the movie came out but i don't care if i'll have to do it in reverse order-- i LOVED the movie. LOVED. and it makes me want to read it all the more! i can't wait to hear what you think!!! oh to go with you...

    could you send me some blackberry crumble?

    i'm so happy to have the weekend off (not the norm in a part time retail job!) and i'm looking forward to just relaxing, cleaning up, and catching up on my pile of letters-- i've been so behind in life it feels!). i'm thinking of starting "catcher in the rye" as i've never read the classic... i just finished light summer reading but man was it good! I couldn't put it down ("love the one you're with" by emily giffen, the perfect summer read).

    have you read j.d. salinger?

    xoxo happy weekend and thanks for the flowers ;)

  5. A long car journey back home to Manchester, at least x73 'are we there yet', stacks of washing when I reach home, packing it all up again for another mammoth car journey to Kent on Monday - I'm not sure I'm looking forward to this weekend.

    And I still haven't got round to planning my projects for my new classes but a week left so I'll start sometime soon (I hope)

    Enjoy yours!


  6. I think you weekend sounds like utter bliss. Beach time and a picnic, reading, watching a movie and popcorn. This sounds like my perfect weekend.

    Unfortunately it's rainy and gloomy but I don't mind it when I'm cosy at home.

    I can't wait to see The Help either. It should be wonderful. x

  7. Since we're holed up from hurricane Irene (currently a lot of rain--it should be worse tonight, eek!), I'm planning on reading and eating all weekend. Back to school meeting is on Wednesday and birthday is Thursday. I have zero qualms about being a complete lazy pants for two days :)

  8. you are so incredibly cute:). all of it sounds SOOOO lovely (even the obnoxious kid part, since you got to spend some time with your sister). I LOVED The Help (book) as well and can't wait to see the movie. Let us know if you ended up seeing it. Also.... have any good book recommendations? I have not read in forever and we are going to the beach next week. Send me any recommendations; I know you're a reader so you must have some good ones:). Enjoy your weekend!!

    xox, Blair

  9. Another fantastic list to finish the week and a lovely sounding weekend planned too. I have to admit though I have just read this and your fb status and like someone else said over there - I am imagining pizza with a dollop of ice-cream and blackberry topping!


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