Wednesday, August 17, 2011

E & me {lamp-posts}

Happy Wednesday! Today's E & me is for the tourists out there... Because it's summertime, and nothing says summer like tourists tromping all over the place, taking photos, am I right?

Here in Victoria, all the out-of-towners {and let's face it, those of us who live in town, too} love the Empress Hotel. It's old, and it's elegant, and it's pretty beautiful, overlooking the harbour.  In Annecy, they're all about the Palais de l'Isle, the beautiful old twelfth century prison in the canal. 

Both these buildings are lovely, but they're not our focus today. Rather, it's the lamp-posts! It's just a coincidence that we happened to snap photos of lamp-posts with famous landmarks in the background...

I love a lamp-post. Whenever I see one {especially if it looks like the one in Em's photo}, I think of Narnia. And Mr Tumnus, of course...

Does your hometown have pretty lamp-posts like these?


  1. Do you know what, I haven't ever really noticed the lamposts in my home town but I shall certainly feel the need to look now.

    I'm off to Sheringham in Norfolk at the weekend and I will look there too. If I find an interesting one I may feel the need to send a photo to you!

  2. We don't have any lamp-posts out here in the wilds of Suffolk! We are in complete darkness and lit only by the light of the moon and stars - takes a bit of getting used to sometimes though.

    It's funny, I always associate lamp-posts with Narnia. Beautiful shots as ever ladies.

  3. my parents took some out of town guests there just 2 days ago!!! haven't been in ages, but would love to go again.

  4. @jozen- If you ever come over, we must meet up!

  5. We don't have anything like that here in Holmdel, but there are some great ones that still are actual gas lamps in NYC.

  6. Aww yes, Narnia and Mr. Tumnus (my Mr. Tumnus is James McAvoy of course! Love him :) And I love those lamp posts!

  7. Now I will have to check out the lamp-posts around 100 Mile House - never really noticed them before!


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