Monday, July 04, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

I finished work for the year on Thursday, just before 4 p.m. and then I jumped headfirst into a busy {but fun} Canada Day weekend. It involved a visit from an out-of-town-guest {more on that in another post}, a trip to the giant picnic at Fort Rodd Hill, some flag-waving, a bit of eating out, a lot of riding bikes, plus baking cupcakes and chatting over jasmine tea at the kitchen table, and finally hosting an exciting {and noisy} birthday party for Mr Sawyer, now 4 years old and loving it. There were many late nights in a row and I'm beat! Thank goodness it's vacation time now and I've got nowhere I have to be! I have a feeling I might be in my nightie for the entire morning!

 Here are just a few of many scenes from our weekend:

 Voodoo doll doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland- thanks, Brandi!

Rockin' the red & white for Canada Day

Giant inflatable beaver! How... umm... patriotic?

 I can never get enough of my Olympic Mountains

 Fisgard Lighthouse gets festive

Canada Day picnic by the sea

Company's here!

 Empress Hotel, lit up for the first of July

Strolling the farmers' market on Saturday morning with Brandi

Strawberries by the bushel {maybe? I have no idea how big a bushel is}

 Whee! I can ride a two-wheeler!

Watering the garden

 Cookie Monster pinata oversees the food at Sawyer's birthday party

 Vanilla cupcakes

 For his birthday, Sawyer wanted a picnic party with all his preschool friends

Trying out his new bike in the school yard

Loving the sunshine and nine long weeks of vacation stretched out before me...

Happy Fourth of July to all of you who celebrate it. Hope your weekend was marvellous!


  1. I want those candles for my next birthday! :)

    Yay for vacation and a break. Summer vacation is amazing. Enjoy your time off and glad to see you had a fun weekend!

  2. The cupcakes looked awesome! Love the dinos on top. Thank you again for such a wonderful weekend, Erin! Have fun with all you have to do this week.

  3. Have you heard Friday by Rebecca Black? If you have then you might like this. It's a parody of her song fit for Harry Potter.

  4. (Sorry, I'm logged in from a different account, but this is Alli from Reasons to Smile).

  5. woah your garden has really Sprung up! that's really fun. also fun - vacations, birthdays, and canada day festivities! whew, you sure did keep busy after work ended. i can't wait to see photos from your time with brandi. i just got an email from dannon's parents saying they're going to seattle next weekend and they'll be visiting victoria. i folded my arms and slumped in my chair. why does everyone get to go visit your city except me? sheesh! hopefully one of these days...

  6. um, I just love that huge inflatable beaver!!!!

  7. what a great weekend! I know the feeling of being overwhelmed with a busy schedule. I'm looking forward to a few quiet days ahead.

  8. it looks like you had such an amazing weekend, I love your boys happy faces :)

    and a picnic party?? what a great idea, I think I want one of those for my birthday now!

  9. a picnic birthday party? bday of my dreams!!! i might have to do that for my birthday next year ;)

    and brandi! so great that you two met up and i can just tell how enamored your boys were with her. oh someday i hope to meet them and you! le sigh.

    ps. voodoo doll doughnut? um genius!!!

  10. ps. forgot to mention how BEAUTIFUL you look in the last photo :) and how much i think a rocked the "star wars" shirt! ;)


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