Friday, July 01, 2011

Flowers for your Friday {Canada Day edition}

Yay! It's Canada Day! The official start to summer vacation! Brandi is here in Victoria, and we've got fun plans for celebrating the First of July. We're off to Fort Rodd Hill for the big Canada Day picnic by the sea {21-gun salute and the world's biggest cake, you say? no wonder the boys are beside themselves with excitement}. Hoping to show Brandi around our part of town, take her to a few of my favourite places, and get a chance to chat over many cups of tea as well. In the evening, we're leaving the boys at home and heading downtown to hear the music in the harbour and see the fireworks. We'll probably have to go for dinner at Pag's too, for the world's most delicious focaccia bread. When in Rome, right?

Happy Canada Day! Happy long weekend! Happy 4th of July for those of you south of the border! Happy summer! Have you got fabulous plans this weekend, too?
E xo

PS: Almost forgot... thanks to everyone who entered my little Canada Day giveaway! The winner of the Bella & Bean ring is Micaela. Couldn't have picked a lovelier girl, or a bigger fan of all things Etsy! Congratulations, M. Letter and pretty jewelry headed your way very soon...


  1. Congrats to Micaela!

    I didn't realize Canada Day and the 4th of July were so close to each other! I'm hosting a small party at our apartment but sadly my family lives elsewhere and a lot of friends are out of town. We've also been invited to another cookout on Monday evening. My city does a little celebration but I'm not sure if there are fireworks here or not. For the past four years I've always gone home on 4th of July weekend so it'll cool to see a different city's take on it!

  2. It always surprises me how close our countries' celebrations are! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing holiday weekend, full of good food and lots of fun!

  3. HURRAY!!!!! you have made my day before it's even started... i was moaning about having to work tonight and this made all the difference! :) <3 LUCKY LUCKY ME!!! i truly adored Bella & Bean's button ring and it's even more special because it's Robin's creations and yes! you know how OBSESSED i am with etsy ;) ha i am thanking my lucky stars because i can not wait to wear this ring!!!


    now that i've managed to stop jumping down for a bit... HAPPY CANADA DAY!!! what better way to kick off summer holidays than to share it with a friend? a wonderful blog friend at that?! i can't wait to hear all about it and see photos! when it's my turn to visit, promise you'll take me to Pag's? you had me at focaccia bread!

    kisses xoxo

  4. ah, it sounds like you and brandi are going to have the BEST time!! i'm definitely jealous, but mostly just really happy for you two. :) happy canada day!

  5. happy Canada day, even though ive never heard of it...:0 maybe i shall go google it! have a fun weekend :) I'm home alone for the weekend, i'm having a tea prty over on my blog if you'd like to come :)

  6. The flowers are GORG. And it's sad that I know this, but I'm pretty sure those bowls are from Anthro. Sigh. I still want them.

    Anyway, Happy Canada Day! I hope you so enjoy your girl time...and I hope the boys have the best time at the festivities. :)

    Lucky, lucky M! That ring will look adorable on her, so it definitely went to the right girl! :)

  7. Happy Canada Day friend! Sounds like the perfect day. We don;t get fireworks here because it;s still sunny and bright out as I write this at 11:25 pm!!! Enjoy them for me.
    ps. did you catch any of the Royal visit on tv? I wish I had been in Ottawa to see them. My mom is going to look for them in Charlottetown when they go to PEI .

  8. Woo hoo to Micaela. I know that she will absolutely adore that ring.

    Oh and Happy Canada Day :) I'm sure this summer will be a wonderful one for you. x

  9. Happy Belated Canada Day :)

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!!

    xo Karina

  10. happy belated canada day!!! sounds like you girls (and your boys) had a tonne of Canadian fun eh!!!


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