Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Post: Em's dilemma

Today's guest post comes to you from my favourite friend in the whole wide world {yep, the one who lives a whole world away}... Emily in France! You've met her before, in many a post, including our weekly E & me photo project. And now here she is in person, to tell you a little bit about summer in France {oh la la!} and summer in Canada, eh?

* * * * *

I live in France, right?
That's fabulous.

But I miss Canada too.
That's less fun.

Summer is great in both places.
But until somebody finally invents a teleporter 
{hurry up & do that already!}
I guess I can't be both here & there.

But you know what I can do?
Make a list of my Top 10 Summer Hits & Misses to share with you.

What I love about summer in France:

le lac d'Annecy, Summer 2011
10. going for a dip in Annecy's gorgeous {& crystal-clear!} lake
9. drinking an ice-cold demi-pêche
{draft beer + peach syrup = beyond delicious!}
8. the amazing local fruit & vegetables at the markets
7. Bastille Day celebrations:
fireworks & the traditional fireman's bal {public dance}
6. picnics {sandwiches on fresh baguettes are never boring}
5. eating dinner on our balcony with a view of the mountains
3. sitting on the shady terrace of a café people-watching
2. swimming in my parents-in-law's pool
1. music festivals like this one

moi in my favourite café in Annecy's old town, July 2011
What I miss about summer in Canada:

Erin & I at Vancouver's English Bay, Summer 2010 {the leis? it's a long story...}
10. iced chai tea lattes at Starbucks
9. dipping my feet in the Pacific Ocean
8. salmon on the BBQ at my parents' house
7. Bard on the Beach in Vancouver
6. corn on the cob
5. the fact that it's almost never muggy
{or above 30 degrees!} in Vancouver
4. lazy summer days with family & friends
3. Canada Day celebrations
2. baseball games at Nat Bailey Stadium
1. Slurpees

me being corny during dinner at my parents' house, Summer 2010

So... voilà !
Last summer I was on the West Coast for a nice long visit.
This summer I'm making the most of Annecy 
& heading to France's Atlantic Coast in a few weeks for vacation.

Best of both worlds?  
Although I'm still waiting for that teleporter...

* * * * *

I wish you had that teleporter too, Em! Think how handy it would be for those times when we just really want to get together for a tea date...


  1. summers in france sound delightful! although, so do summers in canada... hmm, i can see the immediate need for that teleporter!

  2. @ Kimbirdy: You're in California, right? With my handy teleporter, I'd also go see my cousin near San Francisco (love SF!) to visit her & her brand-new baby daughter! I wish...

    @ Erin: Tea date? With iced chai lattes? Would love that!! I will make sure inventing the teleporter is my first task when I'm elected president of France/Canada (whichever comes first... I'm not fussy!) Thanks for letting me do my first-ever guest post chez toi. XOXO!

  3. Great guest post. :) I went to Bard on the Beach last weekend. They've created a new, permanent stage!! The seating is so much more comfortable than the old seating. Just the mainstage is permanent, though.


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