Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest post: Summer bummer

Today's guest post is written by Bethany, whose blog Rinse Repeat is one of the first I ever followed {and she was the first follower I ever had who didn't know me in real life! I will always have a special place in my heart for Bethany...} Her writing is eloquent, her photos are gorgeous, and you just can't help but adore her. Read on and see for yourself!

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Know what's the hardest about summer vacations? Returning to reality. Talk about summer bummer...

For June, my boyfriend took me on a trip to Paris. He's currently in Iraq, so we met at the airport in Paris. Just like in the movies. We kissed while walking through the streets of Paris. Just like in the movies. And he proposed on a terrace overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Just. Like. In. The. Movies. I came home with a fiance...but kissed him goodbye when he boarded a plane back to Iraq. Not exactly like the movies.

How does one come down from a month like that? I'm unsure and I've not excelled at resuming normal life. If looks could kill, my pile of dishes would have fallen into the ground days ago. And please don't ask why I'm wearing red shorts and a purple tank top. Yes. Laundry Mountain has yet to be conquered.

So, in an effort to rebound from the post-vacation blahs, I've made a plan and here it is: Make over my porch...into a place that feels like a daily vacation. A place where I read a book into the afternoon and chat on the phone with my fiance, Gabriel, late at night.

I just moved in a little over a month ago, and have never had an outdoor living space this porch stayed pretty bare bones over the past few weeks. Upon moving in, my mother came over and we christened the porch with a pie picnic + a box which served as a table. Classy, eh?

Aaaaand I've gotten this far. Which is great! And especially for the price: just about $100 for the table, chairs, chair pads and candle (all from IKEA). It's functional, simplistically sweet, looks crisp and leaves lots of room for moving about the porch.

But, before Gabe left for Iraq, we had one ultra sweet night out here, attempting to play Scrabble by candlelight (not a fantastic plan), drinking a little too much wine and talking about the future. He told me how much my creativity, writing and photos boost his spirits, even from thousands of miles away...and how his dream is for me to pursue creativity in any way I desire. Sigh. If I hadn't already agreed to marry him, I certainly would have after that conversation.

That night was so, so beautiful...perhaps my favorite date we've ever had. So, I owe it to the space in which that emotional magic occurred to do just what my fiance said: Pursue my creativity.

While the table and chairs are cute, I've got plenty of space for a few more pieces. Ultimately, I'm going for this:

1. Garden House Decor. 2. Urban Outfitters, via pinterest. 3. Anthropologie. 4. VivaTerra. 5. Urban Outfitters, via pinterest. 6. Alisa Burke. 7. Pearl River. 8. Pink Friday blog, via pinterest

A little mod, a little Moroccan and a little Shabby Chic. Sure, it's slightly eclectic. But eclectic lends well to thrift sale finds + a coat of spray paint + a little DIY elbow grease (like this DIY Chevron rug!).

And as a supplement to this plan, I'm picking up my dusty copy of The Happiness Project and diving in again. If this doesn't bust me out of the post vacay-slump...nothing will! :)

P.S. Are you having a summer bummer? Drop me a line with your address at I would love to send you a little care package to bring some sunshine to your summer!


  1. Ah, we all love Bethany. :) She's the gal that we wish was in our local lives every day.

    What a cute porch! I'm dying to have a house already instead of an apartment.

    It's about this point in the summer that I get the 'bummers'. It's nothing big but I start realizing that summer is slipping away and I still have a lot that I want to do!

    Hope you're enjoying vacation Erin and what a great post Bethany!

  2. first of all, congratulations!! secondly, you poor dear! i'm so sorry about your summer bummer. it's so hard to come down from an amazing experience like that. and now to be engaged with a fiance in iraq? yup, that is one tough spot to be in. although it looks like you've been keeping yourself busy in some wonderfully creative ways. i love the porchspiration. some really great finds there! i hope you find some other fun, fulfilling, and distracting things to fill your summer.

  3. Oh Bethany this is such a lovely post. I really love your little outdoor setting. It looks perfect for summer. I definitely think you should pursue your creativity. That fiance of yours is one smart guy :)


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