Monday, July 18, 2011

Guest post: Summer lovin'

Today's guest post comes from my adorable and totally awesome blogging friend, Kim, in sunny Los Angeles {seriously jealous up here right now, Kim!} Her sweet, funny, always interesting blog is one of my first reads every morning. Go visit her and you'll see why!

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hello everyone! this is kim from fill your well.  i am so excited to be helping erin with her fabulous blog while she's off on her adventure.  erin has been one of my best bloggy friends ever since we were both wee bloggers in this big blogging world {alliteration!}, and her blog is still one of my absolute favorites.


i'm not sure about you, but i have been LOVING summer!  to fully get where i'm coming from you have to understand that i have not experienced summer in years, years i tell you!  i was living in san francisco for a good long time where summers are cold, foggy, and windy.  there, summers meant scarves and sweaters and boots.  the poor tourists always stuck out like a soar thumb with their shorts and "I <3 San Francisco" sweatshirts, which they purchased upon realizing their mistake in not fully researching their vacation destination.  i'm sure those sweatshirt stands made a killing every summer!  

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but now i live in los angeles where the air is hot, the sun shines brightly, and the beach is hopping.  while i love cold weather, i'm definitely soaking up my summer experience here in the desert.  yes! finally summer!  so if you wouldn't mind, i'd like to share my ode to summertime...

...for lounging in the hammock and living in cute summer dresses, 
for passion tea lemonades and gelato shops,
for picnics in the park and reading on the beach,
for bare feet and the smell of sunblock,
for evening strolls in search of food trucks and outdoor concerts in the park,
for watching classic movies while floating in a pool with friends,
for helping all of life slow down just a little more,
THANK YOU summer.
i love you so!

and i hope all of you, dear readers, are having a lovely summer as well!

Thank you, darling Kim for this lovely guest post. Summer, I feel the same way, too...


  1. Oh if only!! English summers are all about covering all options, one day blistering the next wild gails and pouring rain. But when the sun does shine there's nothing better.
    Lovely post thanks for sharing.

  2. ahh i love this post. but yes... as fellow british blogger wrote above, our summers are not quite like that! xxxx

  3. I love Kim! She's always a wonderful dose of sunshine. Thank you for having her here.

  4. Golly, I want to get back to LA just to share the summer with Kim. She's such a sweetheart and I really hope you two get the chance to meet soon, Erin.

  5. Passion Tea Lemonades are simply the best! Now, if my city just had food trucks I'd be set! :).

    Lovely post!

  6. cute cute. it's definitely posts like this that makes me want to hit pause so summer will never end!

  7. It's so lovely to see Kim posting here--and to make your acquaintance :)

    I love all of these things about summer, too. And if I ever ventured to San Fran in the summertime, you can rest assured I would have been one of the tourists wearing an "I heart San Francisco" sweatshirt :)

  8. we have been having the best summer weather (ACK! i hope i didn't just jinx us!), which makes me happy. i can't seem to get enough of lazing around and reading books outside. i do it in the shade, as i am a wuss, but it still feels nice to feel warm outside with a cool breeze, a book, and a beverage. yay!

  9. Mmmmmm, now I'm craving gelato!! :) Hooray for summer!

  10. i was just going to say the same thing as jo ;) gelato is my FAVORITE!!!

    when i was in SF last month, i was thinking it would be warm enough to bring a bathing suit for the beach but you are so right! i would have been one of those who stuck out like a sore thumb had it not been for claire telling me i'd need a cardi :)

  11. ah, love you both! Great post on Kim's part and Erin! Hi! I've missed you, I feel like with my vacay followed by yours it's been forever since we've chatted. Hope you are enjoying your trip. Can't wait to catch up when you return. Much love.

  12. Ahh this is just gorgeous and really makes me long for summer again. I think many of these ideas will be making my list :)


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