Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest post: Summer in Australia

Today's guest post is written by beautiful Gracie, of the Aussie blog Graciebellabutterfly. Gracie is the sweetest girl who sends the loveliest things in the post. She's a fellow children's book lover, and host of the Happy Mail Project. I'm so happy she agreed to write a post for me whilst I'm away...

* * * * *

Hi everyone this is Gracie from Graciebellabutterfly. Erin has kindly asked if I could do a guest post for her while she's off on a summer holiday.

I thought I would write about my favourite way to spend a summer day. Summer time in Australia means beautiful weather. So being outdoors is a must.

♥ A picnic on the beach is perfect for a romantic date night. 

♥ Or even a picnic date in a park with a sweet little tent. 

♥ Watching movies at the drive in with a basket of food ( fairy lights and blankets add a nice touch)

♥ Reading books on a rug

♥ Taking lots of photos and wearing pretty summer dresses

♥ Going on a picnic for one and riding a cute bike to get to the destination

♥ Writing plenty of letters and postcards

♥ Going for sunset strolls on the beach

A perfect summer day to me means spending time doing the things I love in the outdoors. It means wearing pretty dresses or skirts and relaxing in the shade. It means ice cold drinks and reading beside a pool. It means longer days and pretty sunrises and sunsets.

Summer is my favourite season and I look forward to the next Australian summer.

Thank you Erin for letting me share my thoughts on your blog. I hope you are having a wonderful time on your holiday :)

* * * * *

Thank you, Gracie, for writing such a lovely post for my readers to enjoy while I'm away! Now everyone... go visit Gracie's beautiful blog! It's full of such pretty things.


  1. That sounds just perfect. Shame about our weather here, 'cos otherwise summer is so beautiful and we have such lovely parks to visit. Picnics in the rain don't quite have the same appeal.

  2. oh Gracie, I really want it to be summertime after reading this post, only half way through winter though :-(

  3. what a dreamy post-- YES! drive-ins are my favorite and i'm thinking i need to make a tent, even if it's in our bedroom.

    fairy lights add magic instantly, don't they?

    ps. if you've never visited gracie's blog i agree-- you must! sweetest girl ever who's letters are indeed my favorite.

  4. i was going to say the exact same thing as micaela - this is such a dreamy post! dreamy photos, dreamy summer ideas. and what a sweetheart to post all about summer even though it's the middle of winter in australia! i'm off to check out your blog now gracie.

  5. Ohh thanks for this Erin :) You are so lovely. x


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