Sunday, June 26, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

The first official weekend of the summer looked something like this...

 Tiger lilies in the garden

 Wagon wheels and little red school house

 Cheerful blue gate

 Schoolhouse quilt

 Ice cream sandwich in the sunshine

 Stopping to smell the flowers

 Nature's bounty, quickly gobbled up

 Helping to build the new garden shed


 Sunday supper, eaten outdoors

 Chocolate ice cream

Brotherly love

This weekend was sort of weird. There were moments of sunshine and ice cream and running through sprinklers. It also rained a few times, and so a lot of time was spent indoors, too. The boys built forts in the bedroom. I cleaned the kitchen {seriously cleaned it... pulled out the oven and everything!}, scrubbed the sofas and the rugs {I rented a Rug Doctor...}, reorganized the kitchen cupboards. Not so much fun as satisfying. I want to start my vacation off right {4 days until summer holidays! wahoo!} with a nice, clean house. I also baked cookies, pulled weeds, watered the garden, while Alan worked away at building our new garden shed. We took a drive out to Caleb Pike homestead in hopes of finding a farmers' market. Instead we just found the old homestead. And a lady selling some jam. The old schoolhouse was cute though. Back home,  made a big salad from greens that Dylan picked. Barbequed chicken on the grill. Mmm, did it ever smell good in our backyard on Sunday evening!

It's now 10:30 p.m. and I'm just waiting for my last batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to come out of the oven before I head up to bed. Dylan's class is having its year-end party tomorrow, and I promised him he could bring a treat to share. 

How was your weekend? Was it full of housework and tasty treats like ours?


  1. It sounds like your summer holiday is off to a good start. I can't believe how much you do. All that cleaning but you still have time for family and baking cookies. You're a super woman. x

  2. that sounds fantastic! i love summer. this weekend we enjoyed an outdoor concert saturday night and on sunday i cleaned like a mad woman too. it feels so good to start the weekend off with a sparkling house. hope your last week at work is a great one!

  3. You're going to make me drool on my keyboard showing us food like that! Perfect summer dinner!

    Hope you weren't up too late making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. AND hope your holidays come up soon!

  4. your food always looks so yummy! Ice cream sandwiches need to find their way into my freezer. The problem is, I'll eat an entire box in one day.

  5. Looks like one yummy, fun weekend! We had a fun one dog-sitting and went to see 'Bridesmaids' yesterday too.

  6. I just adore all of your beautiful photos from your summer weekend! We have so much in common . . . especially with our two boys. xo Samantha ps. Thanks for entering my pillow give-away. Your newest fan.

  7. ah summer :) strawberries mmmmmm

  8. I alwasy love your weekend scenes posts.... they inspire me to get my camera out more often!!!


  9. That ice-cream sandwich is making me drool on my keyboard. Thanks a lot.

  10. being outdoors makes eating more enjoyable, i think though it's way too hot in el paso to do that unless it's before sunrise :) so i shall live vicariously through these photos!

    hurray for summer holidays being in reach! so jealous!

  11. Sounds like a wonderful start to summer for you and your boys. As soon as I saw that ice cream sandwich it gave me a craving for one - haven't had one since last summer (too long!:)


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