Monday, June 27, 2011

Much Love Monday {the end of June}

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It's been a long day. I've been tired today, all day, and not feeling particularly motivated to carry on with my summer clean-up project.  The endless drizzle and grey skies didn't help, I don't think. But at the end of it all, when the boys were in bed and Alan was busy working on a programming project, I decided to get myself to the gym in an attempt to lift my mood and my energy level. It worked! And so here is my better-late-than-never Much Love Monday post, a list of the things that are making me smile right now:
  • Tomorrow is Fun Day at school. Auntie Kathy and I are in charge of the nail-driving competition! My Grandma would be proud...
  • Two days left of work and then school's out for the summer :)
  • Dylan brought home his kindergarten scrapbook today. We sat and went through every page. It's a wonderful keepsake of his first year of school.
  • I have been lamenting my grey hairs for a while now {seriously! I have some silvery white strands, ladies, and against my brown hair, they are blinding!} Tonight I finally decided to do something about it... My hair is now a "light golden brown" once more, thanks to Clairol Nice & Easy, and at the bargain price of $8.99!
  • Brandi, whose blog Not Your Average Ordinary, is simply fabulous, is on her way up the coast. I'm expecting her on Thursday at some point. Yay! Can't wait to finally meet in real life. Stay tuned for lots of photos...
  • 18 days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!
  • 19 days until we leave for a week at our cabana on the lake!
  • My mom is hosting Sawyer's birthday dinner on Wednesday, which means that I don't have to make dinner or a cake. What a welcome break that is after the madness of the past few weeks. I was feeling guilty about it, and like a terrible mum, but am planning a super-fun birthday party for him and all his little friends this Sunday {with a cake, most definitely}, so am letting that guilt go...
  • I'm hosting a giveaway this week, from a little Etsy shop that I love. Check back Tuesday afternoon for all the details and your chance to win a really lovely and unique piece of jewelry!
Happy Monday, my dears. How's your week shaping up? Are you finding lots to love this last week of June?


  1. It's hard to get the energy to clean when it's dreary weather. I like to be inside watching movies or reading.

    But your list is wonderful. I have a scrapbook from preschool that I love. It has all my creations and things inside.

    And don't feel guilty at all about not being able to make a cake for Sawyer's birthday. I'm sure that party will be awesome. x

  2. i'm so glad you found a good boost of energy. i think i need to figure out a good way for that after my work days. it's so exhausting! but only a couple more days for you - woohoo! and i so wish i could be there with you and brandi this week. we're still not sure if we can make the wedding in seattle next month, but it's starting to look like a no. sigh....

  3. Aw! I love the idea of a kindergarten scrapbook! I'm with you, practically counting down the days until Harry Potter comes out. Talk about the end of an era.....
    Happy early birthday to Sawyer! Hope it's a great one (and yay for not needing to bake another set of goodies).

  4. I'm so excited for the new Harry Potter movie too!!

  5. I'm only a few days away! WOOHOO! It looks like I'll be getting to you sometime between 6:30 and 7 Thursday night. I'm going to try and book myself a spot on the 5pm ferry from Port Angeles. I'm so excited, do you know?? For both my visit with you and Harry Potter. Bummer I can't stay long enough to see it with you and the boys. Are the boys even allowed to see it? Those last books are so dark.

  6. Love your countdown to Harry Potter - I looked into booking ahead this weekend when we went to the cinema, do you have your tickets yet?

    Cannot believe we are about to be in July - crazy, where does the time go? But yeah for school being out soon!


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