Monday, June 20, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

This weekend was almost as busy as the week before it. There was work to do inside and out, an enormous picnic to see to, and of course Father's Day celebrations in which to take part. We had a delicious breakfast of homemade Belgian waffles {with strawberries and whipped cream!}, followed by a fabulous barbeque at my parents' place in the afternoon. Sunday night I was back to work on my report cards. 21 done, 2 to go!

Leaving school Friday afternoon. Just tidying up my office before heading out.

The new garden centre has lots to look at.

Alan and my dad clearing all the drywall debris away. Yay! I have a deck again!

Fruit skewers at the preschool picnic. As tasty as they were beautiful.

The was a face-painting station, and plenty of balloon animals too {and swords, apparently}

Father's Day tie-shaped cards {these shots are blurry because I was dashing in and out of the room to check on my bacon and waffles!}

And homemade stepping stones

#1 Dad Trophy

R2D2 and a Dalek on the Father's Day mural we hung in the kitchen

Pretty little pig on my mom & dad's sundeck

Gorgeous purple rose

Cousins Sawyer and Kilian, eating chips. LOTS of chips!

A fairy in the flowers

Writing report cards at the kitchen table

How was your weekend? We've got one left this school year, and then it will be summer vacation, when every day is the weekend! Needless to say, I can hardly wait!


  1. whew, you were busy!! hopefully things will be nice and slow next week after school's out? you definitely deserve a nice relaxing break.

  2. that photo of you is so lovely!

    And that #1 dad trophy is precious :) I hope your hubby had a nice father's day with his family!

  3. Funny how Fathers day cards so often have daleks on them!!

  4. Love your pic! The Ftaher's Day tie and the #1 Dad Trophy are too cute!!

  5. Did you save me one of those fruit skewers? Hope so! Glad you had such a festive weekend. XOXO!

  6. Hey lady- glad you had a good weekend- So FYI I have a package ready- I was going to FedEx it to you but after spending no less than 20 to fed ex ONE fathers day card to Toronto- I didn't do it- Can I promise not to forget if you promise to forgive- I'm okay with this- we are Canadian after all.

  7. I love the fruit kabobs!! That is such a cute idea. :)

  8. Oh I am so jealous, I want summer holidays, very excited for you! Did you get all your reports done? Your garden is looking beautiful.

  9. Hello Hello! Still feel so bad I couldn't see you a couple weeks ago - I figured it was toooooo late - argh should have driven by!

    I am already geared for July though - we will probably come down July 17 visit family and then pop over to see you and your gang on the 18th and then head back. - I think! Actually i can hardly think right now - super tired! anyway let me know what you think!

    PS I love dancing at a wedding too!

  10. You always make me hungry with talk of your weekend breakfasts! Another weekend of deliciousness in the Pugh household!

    Gorgeous scenes from your days off as always, although rather freaked out by Sawyer and his balloon of course! :)


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