Wednesday, June 22, 2011

E & me {café}

It's week 4 of E & me, and I think it's time we took our photo project outdoors! After all, it's officially summer now. And nothing says summer like a cold drink at a sidewalk café. 

If only Em and I could be at the same sidewalk café. Now that would be a great way to celebrate the months of sunshine and relaxation ahead, non? Oui!

* * *
Speaking of French... guess who just enrolled their clever little 6-year-old in French Immersion starting in September? I'm excited for him, and though I know it will make for a big change, I think it's going to be fabulous and just what he needs to keep him challenged. Ooh, and it's just another reason to make a trip to France in the future, too!


  1. I think it's great you're starting a second language early. And a good outdoor cafe is an absolute necessity in life.

  2. have i told you lately how much i love this feature?! oh how i wish you girls could be at the same sidewalk cafe... me included though? ;)

    eeek!!! what a GREAT idea for your little one!!! let me tell you, i so wish my parents taught me their languages... i would be sitting here knowing 3! i never thought it was such a big deal until we moved to el paso and everyone speaks spanish and automatically thinks i should know it. it's so embarrassing to wait and say, "i'm sorry, i don't speak spanish." Good mom for you to give your son this gift!

    ps. i'VE MISSED YOU!!!

  3. Love both your shots this week and wouldn't mind partaking in a coffee with either of you if we were sat there ;)!! If, of course, we could all sit together that would be so much fun!


  4. Thanks so much Erin for sending me the post! I'm thinking I may post them weekly but I haven't decided yet. :)

    On YOUR post, I love the sidewalk cafe idea! Things like this are why I wanted to do some posts from different area just to see how simple things are different. Something I notice a lot on blogs is different foliage or sidewalks/roads. It's funny how you don't think about it until you see it different somewhere else!

    And finally.... YESSSSSSS.

    I love that you enrolled him in a French course! As an American I am saying that we do NOT make NEARLY enough effort in our nation and teaching different languages to our own downfall. I hope I remember this when I have children one day because I think it is so valuable and mind opening to communicate with more people and better understand new cultures!

  5. i absolutely love outdoor cafes. one of the best things about living in LA is everything is outdoors. all the restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops have huge, beautiful patios where you can sit in the sun and chat or people watch. i love it! a new outdoor cafe just opened near us that specializes in juice and kambucha tea. i can't wait to try it.

    hooray for immersion schools! teaching little ones a foreign language is totally the way to go. he'll be bi-lingual for the rest of his life!

  6. I love sitting al fresco in cafes. How I adore sitting with a tea or hot chocolate, eating a lovely dessert and people watching.

    I think it's great that you are enrolling your little one into a French course. The younger they start the better they will pick it up. I learnt French for 3 years. Wish I remember more of it. x

  7. French immersion? that's so awesome. My kids will be bilingual by default but I'd love them to learn a third at some point and french seems like a logical choice. Or, maybe Spanish, since I can kind of sort of get by in that one.

    P.S. did you ever receive my thank you card? I sent it a few weeks back and wanted to make sure it was delivered safely!

  8. Micaela, of course you can meet up with us at the sidewalk café! That would be more than delightful, don't you think?

    Erin, I'm still cheering out loud over here (do you hear me?) regarding the French Immersion decision. So excited for Dylan. It's going to be fantastique! XOXO!

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