Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Today I love


I loved the smell of fresh cut grass.

I loved the sound of birds singing as the sun came up.

I loved the taste of fresh mint in my lemonade.

I loved the sight of lingering daylight, after half past nine!

I loved the feel of little hands held tightly in mine, and sloppy bedtime kisses.

How about you?

thanks to marta, and her mini-diaries, for the inspiration


  1. well so far today i loved finding my work keys which i thought i'd lost! i'm going to love my bed in a minute as i did a sleep in last night and didnt sleep much lol

  2. I'm loving puppy yawns, the three day weekend that awaits me, the prospect of summer vacations, and having an amazing boyfriend who loves me.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. The fact that the sun is staying out later than 8:30 pm around here is making me a very happy girl. I love the idea of going out on my deck after 7 and actually being able to see my book!

    Ditto freshly cut grass...Chad and I decided it was one of our top five smells. easy.

    Love little lists like this, Erin! Getting a glimpse into your life is my favorite!

  4. oh what a sweet post. your life is so rich with love! and that's good because you certainly deserve it. today is still early, but so far i loved waking up with the sun, being serenaded with birds as i drank my tea and read blogs, and a very cuddly kitty. it's been quiet and slow, the perfect way to wake up! and soon, i will be off on my second interview, which i'm also loving. thanks for this inspiration to stop and reflect on these little loves today.

  5. I love all of these things, too. Except my sloppy kisses come at 3:00 pm and usually accompanied by sticky fingers ;)


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