Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Pteradactyl shadow!

My  blue-eyed boy on the slide

 Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home!

 Bob in the garden

Tea date with a friend at Starbucks

 Browsing in a favourite shop {can you see why?}

Bike riding



French mints

Reading material

Not sure why, but I spent the day on Saturday feeling especially grumpy. I had a terrible headache. I was fed up with clutter, fed up with bickering kids, annoyed with pretty much everything. It was no fun, and I was no fun to be around. Alan tried to perk me up, with lunch out and an afternoon nap, and that sort of worked. I laid on the couch, dozed, woke up and watched LOST {always a pick-me-up}. Then, determined to shake the bad mood once and for all, I took the boys to the park and let them run off all their excess energy. I pushed them on the swings, we played shadow games, jumped rope, ate a picnic supper. We ran races on the field, and I felt a lot better. Exercise and sunshine and remembering what's important all did the trick and that was that! Saturday night, Alan and I ate popcorn and watched an especially excellent episode of Doctor Who and then I stayed up way too late, reading and writing.

Sunday I got to sleep in until 9 {bliss!} and for that, I rewarded everyone with homemade waffles and maple syrup. Mmm! The rest of the day was good, too. We had friends over to play in the garden, I went for tea with Sheila, we took the boys for a bike ride, and Alan mowed the lawn {mmm, it smells so good!}. The wind blew wildly and I hung out the laundry. We went and got groceries, and spent some time admiring all the goodies in the British imports aisle. And then, at the checkout, I found a display of Flavigny mints, the ones that Em just sent me from the actual village! Who knew you could get those here in Canada? Home again, I cleaned the kitchen, we tidied the bedroom and then we got into pajamas and read some more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The last weekend of May {isn't that crazy?}... it started off lousy and ended up pretty great. I'm grateful for all the people who love me, and will put up with me even when I'm in a foul mood {and forgive me afterwards}.

How was your weekend? I'm waiting to hear all about it!


  1. I was the same, I woke up on Sunday in such a bad mood for absolutely no reason! Your photos are lovely, I love chocolate buttons, yum!!
    I especially love the ladybug its a gorgeous photo.
    I am glad you got to sleep in on Sunday - that is a good start to the day.

  2. other than the rough start, your weekend sounds divine! love the photos, esp the pteradactyl!

    can't wait for your letter!

  3. I really can't believe how quickly time flies -- June this week? Already? It amazes me. And you're right about Bob -- he really does look like my Hugo, except I think Hugo has several pounds on him.

  4. that ladybug photo is so fabulous. you should print it and frame it. The plant looks like a star! glad your weekend turned around :)

  5. I can't believe you saw the Anis de Flavigy in the candy shop! Were they something outrageous like $5 per box?

    Lovely photos, especially the dino shadow & the ladybug. And of the cat in the garden. Now I miss Bob.

    Miss you too! XOXO!

  6. You look like you had such a wonderful weekend that was full of loveliness (I adore that shop).

    It's great when your weekend ends up being awesome after starting out not so great.

    I have a book that I have to send you to read to your boys. It's called Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. It's an Australian classic about gumnut babies :)

  7. Funny those little things...exercise,sunshine, and remembering what's important...are so hard to remember! The tea date and nap, I envy!

  8. I love how laid back but full of fun your weekend was! Little things like tea and waffles and episodes of Lost :) That sounds wonderful to me!

  9. that has to be the prettiest pic of you! breeze and sunshine...

    bless A for helping with the grumps-- trust me, i'm experiencing that as we speak... most killer cramps! i slept in and then made nutella croissants ;) and YOU! yor letter came in! so you helped without even realizing :) THANK YOU!!!

    one day i'd love to go to that shop with you!! looks like our kind of place for sure xo


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