Monday, May 30, 2011

Much Love Monday

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I had a really busy day today. I hired our new ECE assistant {yay!}, went to the bank and the post office and the garden centre, put away three loads of laundry, vacuumed the living room, made dinner, packed tomorrow's lunches, and supervised the boys while they attempted to clean up the playroom. I feel like I accomplished some stuff, and that's always a good thing!

Here are a few other things I'm loving this Monday:

  • The books I'm reading... I Think I Love You is very good fun, and I'm so excited that there's a new Penderwicks novel out!
  • It's almost June. I love June!
  • Re-watching LOST reminds me why I loved it so much in the first place
  • A chai tea latte with biscotti
  • Kim and Brandi's blogger bake sale for charity sounds like it's going to be a huge success... I only wish I could be there!
  • My plans for turning the spare bedroom into a super cute office space {if I'm going to be the preschool president, and I am, then I need to have a pretty space in which to organize all my papers and stuff, right?}
  • Planning the kindergarten orientation for next year's kids {that's right! did I mention? I'm teaching kindergarten come September!}
  • A good long chat on the phone with my sister who I have seen far too seldom lately
  • Alan has planted red currants and gooseberries in the garden... fingers crossed for a bumper crop, to go along with our strawberries and blueberries!
  • The bubble bath I'm about to sink into... 


  1. Wow you put me to shame, such a busy person. I think I might have to go and lie down now!

  2. Oh wow! Congrats on teaching kindergarten and being preschool president :)

    New books are always great and a bubble bath. That sound perfect right about now. x

  3. preschool president? is this a new position for you? congrats!

    can't wait to read i think i love you on my kobo!

  4. I'm very jealous you're taking a bubble bath. I need one BADLY.

  5. i love all the things in your life right now! kindergarten was my absolute favorite age to teach ever - they're so fun at that age! and i really wish you lived closer, especially during fun bake sales and chai latte runs.

  6. sounds like a busy Monday- I'm feeling as though today is a Monday as we had our long weekend this week-
    Lovely to find you- Claire sent me your info for the book swap- nice to meet another Canadian blogger-

  7. Dear Erin,

    What a wonderfully positive post! There seem to be so many positive things going on in your life (and well done on a day of achieving so much!:-) and come September, you may need even more bubble baths and cups of chai... but it all sounds great and you sound so positive about it, I am very happy for you.

    Thank you for your kind words, always so nice to hear from you!


  8. chai lattes and choco covered pretzels often make my train rides bearable. sounds like you accomplished so much--congrats!

  9. can you be my preschool president pretty pretty please?

  10. I'll help you with that guest room to office transformation! LOVE it. And I love your list. Tres exciting!

  11. What an amazing blessing that you get to teach kindergarten--that is my dream job! I so wish I lived in your town so that I could apply to be that ECE teacher. Am glad that the interview went well though, I know that you were a little nervous about it.

    Happy June 1st, Erin!!

  12. I was loving your list with LOST, chai lattes and biscotti and then I saw "my sister". Now I love it even more!! Let's make a plan asap!


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