Monday, May 23, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

It was a long weekend, and it was lovely. A weekend full of sunshine, hanging out, playing and having fun. Oh, and eating quite a lot, too...

Loving my lilacs

DQ Blizzards are Alan's favourite

A hot fudge sundae is pretty good too!

Sunday breakfast- crepes with Nutella and strawberries {all because of Micaela!}

Off to the fair with Auntie Pat

Dylan was too tall for the bunny ride so Sawyer got to ride alone

He didn't mind...

Home again, watering the garden

Monday morning, we were off to the parade! We staked out a spot on Douglas Street bright and early 

We were there at 8, an hour before the parade started 

Patient boys, still waiting!

 The town crier arrives and the Victoria Day Parade begins!

So many marching bands

And flag-twirlers  

 And even a dinosaur float!

 Empress Hotel {I always have to take a picture}

"Mum, instead of going home, can we go to the museum?"

Beautiful green garden, outside Helmcken House

There was a lot to love about this weekend. The best bit? It was three days long. Three days to enjoy things like visiting my Grandpa, making it to the gym for a few really good workouts, taking the boys to Dairy Queen for dinner {and dessert!}, and plenty of time spent outside in the sun. Our garden gets lovelier with each passing day. I keep bringing in lilacs and filling up all my vases! There were trips to the fair and the parade and the museum. Games won and cotton candy consumed. Crepes for breakfast. Hot dogs for lunch. Lattes often {good thing for all those Starbucks gift cards}! Sleeping in and staying up late. Watching my LOST season 6 dvds, and feeling so happy to be back on the island, but sad that it all ended a year ago already. Am sleepy now, and it's time for bed. It's going to be a short week, and that much busier because of it. Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends! And to the rest of you, hope it was a marvellous Monday.

PS: My camera died on Friday. All the photos above were taken either on my cell phone, or on my old, taped together digital. Am now in the market for something new, and a little bit fancier... I'm secretly sort of pleased. And hoping I can find a fabulous deal on a camera with a really great zoom.


  1. Oh my, those crepes! I'm still on a strict healthy eating regimen for two more weeks (goal: to buy a new bathing suit without barfing in the dressing room), which just makes blizzards and crepes sound all the more delicious. Looks like it was an incredible weekend!

  2. A long weekend... lucky you!! Our next one is still three weeks away, I cannot wait. It sounds like you were busy, but busy with lots of good stuff :-)
    Those crepes yummy!! I went to a great chocolate cafe on the weekend it was amazing.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway!

  3. mmm nutella crepes!!! is there any better way to start the morning? everyone needs a bit of nutella in their life ;)

    i can't get over how adorable your boys are in hats! i bet they LOVED the dino float!!

    i'm with A, i get weak in the knees for blizzards... my fave is m&m's AND reeses together... YUM!!! i may have to go out and have one now, thanks to you ;)

  4. I'm loving all of the happy things in this post! What a fun weekend! Especially the crepes :) Yum!

  5. Look at all the sweet things (pun unintended) in this post! The lilacs are my absolute favorite--that smell is fabulous!

    I am always game for a good parade! Looks like that one you went to was all sorts of fun. :)

  6. mmm, cappuccino skor blizzards are my fave! i've never had any other treat from dq b/c i can't stray from my usual!

    what kind of camera are you looking for: point-n-shoot or dSLR?

  7. That picture of the crepes made my mouth just WATER. Wow! You're right, those Starbucks giftcards sure are handy!

    Oh I hope you find a new camera soon! I love my DSLR and if you're willing to shell out money for one... it's worth it. It's EASILY the best thing I ever bought myself (with summer, birthday, and christmas money). Haha.

  8. fun!! i love three day weekends. and i'm totally swooning over your garden. i was just showing dannon your garden photo that you posted last weekend and he was seriously impressed. it's really beautiful! hope your week is going splendidly!


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