Monday, May 02, 2011

Scenes from the weekend, Part Two {and 3BT}

So, I didn't just attend the Royal Wedding celebrations this weekend. I did some other fun stuff, too. 

We took the boys to the school Fun Fair. They leaped about to their heart's content in the bouncy castle.

They got hooked up to bungees and attempted to run really fast in the opposite direction. Apparently this is very good fun, and worth waiting in line for half an hour!

My dad cheers Sawyer on

A few of the men in my life, hanging out on the school field.

Sunday I went to a bridal shower for Michelle, a gorgeous bride-to-be and friend of the family since she was just a baby. She was adorable, and the cupcakes were AMAZING.

We ate hot dogs outside in the sun {and when I say we, I mean the boys... you will never catch me with a hot dog! I think they are vile}

We found a great sale, so we bought loads of new bedding plants for the garden

And then we got started planting them. Alan built the boys a new garden bed beside their playhouse and they're excited to fill it up and watch it grow.

It was a lovely spring weekend- lots of sunshine and blue skies and spending time outside. And now, it's Monday. And pouring rain once more. Sigh. What is up with that?

Instead of getting glum, I think I'll end with a 3BT:

1. The boys have both had their hair cut. They are quite proud of how handsome they look, and I am beyond thrilled that I don't have to try to get a brush through their wild manes any longer!

2. A lovely little card in the mail from a friend of a friend. Totally unexpected. But so sweet.

3. I finally finished and filed our taxes! Whew. That's a relief!

Happy Monday!
E xo

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