Thursday, April 07, 2011

Pretending I'm not nervous

Is it Thursday already? I can't believe I missed posting yesterday. I had great plans to write all about my fabulous birthday and to post a million and one photos of the festivities, but alas... it didn't happen. Instead, I had to go to the hospital for my pre-op paperwork and blood tests, then on a preschool field trip through the woods. In the afternoon, I tried to get organized for today {do all laundry, prep meals ahead, write down anything and everything that Alan might need to know while I'm, umm, indisposed} and then I had a lovely long Skype date with Em, who always makes me feel better {was starting to get a bit irrational and panicky...} After that I took the boys to the park to play and bask in the sunshine, and to stay distracted. And then, suddenly, the day was over and I was packing my bag for surgery.

So, all that to say, I'm sorry! No birthday photos today. I'll get to them early next week for sure. In the meantime, just wanted to thank you for all your happy messages the past few days~ I love you guys!~ and to let you know I'm off to the hospital this morning to get that pesky gall bladder removed. Send me lots of happy, healing vibes, won't you please? I'm sure it will all turn out just fine, but I'll feel better knowing you've all got your fingers crossed for me!

I'll be back soon, and then I'll be in bed for the week, with a big stack of books and magazines, a pile of dvds to watch, and plenty of time to ramble on to all of you. You know you just can't wait ;~)

E xo

PS: Friday Flowers and Saturday Daydream all set up to post. So even though I won't be here, I'll be here, you know?


  1. Good luck on the surgery, can't wait till you are back, so I can see the birthday pics:)

  2. Goodluck Erin, thinking of you!

  3. How have I not read your blog before ?! I love it !!!
    I'm French and my husband is Canadian :)

    Best of luck today !

  4. Good luck with everything today!! If you need a distraction and want to talk, I'm here!

  5. I'll definitely be thinking of you and your surgery! I'm sure all will go perfectly and you'll be back to perfect health in no time!

  6. Good luck, Erin! Before you know it, it will be over and you'll be enjoying your new, gallbladder-free lifestyle.

  7. Woke up thinking of you and your stay at the 'hospital hotel' ... you'll be stellar. Just got your email now too - thanks for that! - so glad your birthday was lovely and special.

    Be well, be strong, be loved.
    We'll hear from you again in a few days!

  8. Thinking of you today Erin!!! Sending you lots of love and wishes for a speedy recovery :) Perhaps when you're under you'll find yourself in a "Lost" dream! :) That wouldn't be too bad right? :) xoxo

  9. happy healing thoughts coming your way, from across the oceans!

  10. Good luck and good thoughts on a speedy recovery! I'm looking forward to finding out what Friday Flowers and Saturday Daydream posts are all about! :)

    Take Care!

  11. i've been thinking about you all day, and i'm definitely sending you all my healthy, positive thoughts and energy. i'm sure everything will be just fine, and all you worry about is taking care of you over the next couple weeks. lots of hugs to you! xoxo

  12. I'll be thinking about you Erin! It'll all go perfectly fine and you'll get plenty of recovery time. :)

  13. You're in the safe part of my heart right now! Sending lots of positive recovery vibes your way.


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