Sunday, April 10, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Well, I'm back... and as predicted, I'm in bed. I've been here since Thursday night! Am soooo tired, and still so sore. The surgery went well, and I'm recovering like I should be, but much more slowly than I would like. Guess that's what happens when they remove an organ from your abdomen... It takes some time for your body to adjust!

Anyway, I'm in bed and being well taken care of. Tea and soup are being delivered at regular intervals, and my hot water bottle keeps getting refilled. Amidst all of this doing nothing, would you believe I still managed to snap a few photos for "scenes from my weekend?" Yep, I love my little blog that much {please forgive the poor photo quality! most of these were taken by lamplight, and with curtains closed...}

Alan brought my laptop upstairs and set it up beside the bed on a little table. I've been dozing, and watching episodes of Parenthood, and even browsing a few of my favourite blogs from time to time. Beside the computer are my meds {oh, sweet painkillers, how I love you!}, and a book I'm reading. On the wall behind, all the lovely artwork the boys have been making for me. Every morning, there's something new being stuck up there!

 Reading snippets of The Happiness Project, and really enjoying it. Until I fall asleep and completely forget what it is I've just read.

 Last night I even managed to write in my journal. The drugs have definitely worn off now and I'm able to string some sentences together.

Tea, pain meds, some Gatorade, and a little jug of flowers the boys picked for me when Alan took them out walking yesterday. The grape hyacinths smell delicious.

I'm hoping to make it downstairs soon, to make the move from bed to couch. The boys will be at school this week, so I should have some time to watch a few movies and maybe write a few letters in between naps. Oh, and I've got some fun birthday photos to share too. All in good time, my friends. It's not like I'm going anywhere anytime soon!

In the meantime, won't you tell me all about your weekend? It had to have been more eventful than mine!


  1. I'm so glad that you're doing better after surgery! Also, that the drugs have worn off! Although, when writing on pain meds in your journal, it would be kind of funny to look back and read later!

    Keep resting and getting better!

  2. aw, your boys are the best bringing you art and flowers to keep you company. and hooray for online tv! that's definitely a necessity when you're laid up in bed for days on end.

    i hope you get to feeling so much better this week, and that the recovery begins to speed up a bit! hugs to you!

  3. look at those little artists! :)

    my weekend... not so much but of course husband works all weekend (boo!) and i worked this morning...

    but! tuesday i get off at 1 and HOPEFULLY, fingers crossed my car is fixed so maybe tuesday chat after that?! let me know :)


    ps. that book looks amazing!

  4. Aw, I love the boys' artwork. So sweet. Keep on indulging that movie-watching and book reading while you can. I'm jealous! The Happiness Project is so great, isn't it? I read it last year and it really struck a chord.

  5. I think it's funny that you have tea, flowers and pain meds in the same photo. That's so very blog-worthy! hehe. I'm glad your surgery went well and that you're on the road to recovery!

  6. Loved The Happiness Project, Erin (I even took Gretchen's 50,000-word challenge last month, and made it! 1,600 words a day: not impossible). Great book.

    Have you read the Memory Garden? (Author's name escapes me for a moment.) Want me to send it? Not sure why I thought of you when I read it--maybe because you read The Forgotten Garden recently?

    EMP, enjoying my sunshine-y daffodils currently in my kitchen on your behalf (that reminds me: I must take a pic for you)

  7. looks like your boys are taking good care of you.

    happiness project is another one on my list.

  8. I'm glad you are doing better, and happy to hear you are well taken care of.

  9. Sorry the recovery is a little slow but I'm glad it's going well and as expected. It's nice to be taken care of sometimes even if you are a little sore.

    Love your photos. Your journaling is so inspiring. I'd like to do something similar but unless it's typing I seem to be terrible about it... Oops. I also like the picture of your computer desk and the 'kid art' over it. Precious.

    A little tea is never amiss (I have some next to my computer right now!).

    Hope you're having a good Monday Erin and that you're recovering at a slightly quicker rate and will feel back to yourself soon.

  10. Oh man, recovery is tough! Looks like you have all the essentials. A liquid diet sounds part refreshing and part horrible.

  11. Glad you're feeling are you enjoying that book? I heard great things but haven't had a chance to peruse it at Barnes...have a nice Monday! :)

  12. Even if you're bedridden, I'm glad you're being take care of -- and that you're getting some quality you time in too. I spend my Friday in LA, Saturday at a party learning to make Mexican food, and on Sunday a friend from out of town came for a visit so I showed him around San Diego. Lovely, but too short -- and I still have too much to do.


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