Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Six today!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Dylan, the most creative, funny, energetic, clever, amazing and fabulous six-year-old we know. May your day be as wonderful as you are.
We love you!

From baby boy to tree-climbing kid in the blink of an eye...


  1. Oh, happy birthday, Dylan! I hope it's a great one!

  2. happy birthday dylan and congrats to you and the hubby on bringing up such a beautiful boy!

  3. Happy Birthday, Dylan!
    You know, you're only three days older than my boy! How about a playdate? ;)

  4. Just saw your comment and i have to say this: i love your little picture; as soon as it pops up, i have a momentary feeling that you're right here in front of me with your mug, ready to chat! isn't that strange?

  5. Happy happy birthday to my favourite six-year-old! Lots of XOXOXOs for the birthday boy!!

  6. Happy birthday to the big 6 year old birthday boy!!!!

  7. SO ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! happy 6th to your darling boy :) what cute photos of the birthday boy.

    ps. LOVE that your fave art piece is so sentimental... and that alan said you made him feel like the rabbit on the bike! i giggled. so cute.

    my mega post is up! :

    THANKYOU for always being someone i can count to play along! xo

  8. aw, that's so exciting! happy birthday dylan!!! 6 is a big year {and my favorite age to work with as an adult}, so i hope you all have a blast with it. before you know it, you'll be celebrating 12, then 18 - gasp!

  9. Happy happy birthday Dylan! My nephew is called Dylan and it's such a cute name!

    Six is a fantastic age to be, and he looks like such a happy little boy, with a wonderful mum!


  10. Happy happy 6! It is such a year of change toward independence, yet they are still babes.


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