Monday, March 21, 2011

Much Love Monday

ooh pretty! via j'adore

Am still sick, but it's Monday and I'm all about the love on Mondays, right? So, here goes!

This Monday, I'm loving:
  • lounging on the couch, sipping ginger ale and  watching episodes of Parenthood
  • my new teacups from lovely Lauryn... see how pretty they are?

  • building Lego airplanes with the boys this morning
  • the little birds on the tree outside the living room window and the song they're singing
  • plans to make homemade pizza for dinner {I'm just so sick of chicken noodle soup!}
  • the flowers Alan planted for me on the weekend

They smell so good! And they remind me that it's spring!
  • that my antibiotics are starting to kick in... yes, I'm still sick, but I'm not as sick as I was a few days ago, and that's progress!
Okay, I'd better go get dressed. It's been lovely to spend the day in my pajamas, but it's about time I put on some yoga pants, brushed my hair and got the boys out of the house for a bit. We're going to the grocery store to stock up on citrus fruits, pizza toppings and salad fixings. Afterwards I'm considering a trip to the park. I wonder if I've got the energy to sit on a bench while they play on the swings? Hmmm. We'll see. So long as they don't want me to give them a push...

Happy Monday, lovies! Thanks for all your get well wishes. I think they're doing the trick!


  1. Such lovely things you're loving on this Monday despite being under the weather! Glad you're feeling better :)

    Love those darling teacups! And the flowers - so beautiful and sweet of your husband :)

    Enjoy your homemade pizza! Wish I could have a slice right now - sounds delicious!

  2. Hooray for finally feeling better! Just in time for Spring :)

  3. Adorable tea cup! So excited for spring, too. just started raining + sleeting in Wisconsin. Boo.

    Here's hoping that pizza had magical powers and cured you from all this sickness. What a downer for you! If anyone deserves to be happy + healthy, it's you!

  4. Look at that spring hyacinth! I love the way they smell. And as always, I love your much love monday.

    This tuesday, I'm loving your comment on my post- it wasn't rambly at all! I love knowing there are other runners out there. I can't wait to hear more about your 10k training! (Once you get better, of course!)

  5. I love the teacups! I hope you're feeling better today, but at least lounging on the couch will help you catch up on rest. Hope you enjoyed that homemade pizza- sounds so good right now!

  6. I'm glad you're feeling better! Love the cup and the flowers!

  7. That tea cup is fabulous!

    So it's Tuesday now & I'm just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you & hoping you are feeling a whole lot better. XOXO!

  8. super cute tea cups! that lauryn is so sweet. :) and i'm glad you have some antibiotics now so you can Hopefully get to feeling better really soon!!

  9. I do hope you feel completely better!

    That teacup is really precious and it sounds like you have lots of things to be happy about :)

  10. those are SOOOO PERFECTLY you from lauyrn!! i adore it and it still makes me smile when i think you two met from my little ornament swap <3 i loveeee it!!!

    those flowers are gooorgeous! and i love that alan planted them for you ;)

    homemade pizza is my fave and building lego airplanes-- that makes me smile! and though i've always dreamed of having a girl someday, you make me want to have boys ;)


  11. I hope you get better in time for your surgery. Good luck....prayers for a speedy recovery xoxo
    ps. sweet tea cups! where are they from?


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