Sunday, March 20, 2011

First day of spring

Hallelujah! I couldn't be happier to say hello to spring today! Looking back, this has been a horrible winter, with way too much sickness and bad luck and cold, wet weather. Right now I'm fighting a sinus/chest infection {winter's got its last grip on me} and I am so ready for blue skies and sunshine and feeling good again. I've got 5 days to get healthy and then I'll be heading into the hospital to have my gall bladder removed. I'd like to spend my recovery on the couch with a stack of good books and the sunshine streaming in through the open windows. That's not so much to ask, is it? I didn't think so!

I love spring. It just might be my favourite season. I love watching everything come alive again,  going for walks after dinner, wearing a lighter jacket {or no jacket at all!}. I love Easter egg hunts, and when Alan cuts the lawn for the first time {it smells so good}, and I looove my April birthday!

I don't love coughing until I puke. And sadly that's where I'm at right now. Think I'd better get to bed and focus on getting well again. Maybe I'll dream about cherry blossoms. I love cherry blossoms, too.



  1. it seems this has been a terrible flu season; i hope you feel better.

  2. Oh my! You have had a horrid time. I hope you get better so you can enjoy the weather. And I do hope this operation goes well!

    And I must do an Easter egg hunt for my nephews! x

  3. love those wellies :) LOve easter, chocolate, daffodils...oooo cant wait!
    Hope you are better! x

  4. I hope you feel better VERY soon! I'm with you, spring will hopefully clear everything up. When it's nice outside, it's easier to feel positive too. :)

  5. So sorry to hear that you're still feeling under the weather! But I'm definitely sharing your joy that Spring has finally arrived!

  6. oh, I so so so miss the cherry blossoms. my biggest 'miss' about Victoria.
    we are still well encamped in winter here .... leaves don't come out til late April or May, can you believe it? but when they do, you think "I've survived, again." there is such great hope and joy in those leaf buds opening, it almost makes me weep each year.

    so sorry you're sicky, sick, sickster. i hope you've got a nice big stack of books waiting for you and that week on the couch recovering.

  7. Get well soon! I too am very happy it is spring!

  8. oh this has been such a rough winter for you! i'm glad it's almost over, and i hope you start feeling better SOON. seriously, i'm sending you lots of healthy thoughts and hugs!

  9. I love spring too. So much!

    Feel better soon!

  10. Aw, feel better Erin! Though I must say, aside from your sickiness, I adore everything about this post (and all the same things you love about spring). It's my favorite season, too.

  11. Erin, what a crazy week you have! I hope you're feeling a bit better today. If it's nice enough outside, get out and breathe in that spring air! I wish I were there to make you delicious food.


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