Monday, March 07, 2011

Much Love Monday {spring-time, birthdays and books}

Monday, March 7th, huh? Plenty to love today! Things like:
  • Dylan's mounting excitement about his birthday, which is the day after tomorrow, and his dinosaur cake {which I'll start working on tonight}
  • It's Pancake Day tomorrow... yum!
  • There's just one Monday left of school before spring break!
  • One of our daffodils is just about to open {and many more are sure to follow}
  • The sun is out again and it really feels like spring
  • We finished The Magician's Nephew last night and then we started reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- I love how much Dylan loves it and I adore all the good memories it brings back of my own childhood {like reading it aloud to my Grandma when I slept over at her house}
  • Bookclub is tomorrow night- we're discussing CeeCee Honeycutt
  • My birthday is 4 weeks from tomorrow! Time to start planning my party...
  • It's my favourite Texan Micaela's 27th birthday today {man, do I feel old!} Stop by Dolce Vita and wish the birthday girl a very bonne fete! And then pop over to Royal Mail and wish the same to her twin sister, Marianne! Happy Birthday, girls! xo
  • And finally, Cadbury's mini-eggs... need I say more?
How's your Monday? Feelin' the love? I hope so. Be sure to link up on Much Love Anna if you decide to play along.


  1. Dinosaur cake!? Awesome! I was so obsessed with Dinosaurs when I was a kid! :)
    PS Happy Birthday a month early! I hope you plan an amazing party!

  2. Pancake Day tomorrow? I need to get on that!
    I have to say, I'm thrilled spring is coming but all I can focus on is getting through next Thursday. I will need lots of reminders to breathe deeply. Happy Monday, Erin!

  3. Happy birthday to sweet Micaela and Marianne. :) I'm eager to see the dinosaur cake! And as for Mondays . . . this one has been particularly brutal for me. My students have been on decent behavior, but I think I'm starting to feel sick!

  4. wow, birthdays and pancakes and spring break and good books! - definitely a lot to love today! i'm loving how warm it is, with just a slight cool breeze. perfect in my book. plus re-watching 500 days of summer over breakfast. sometimes you just need a good film at a random time of day to get you motivated again.

  5. Oh little kids birthdays are so fun, their excitement makes me excited. So jealous that you have Spring break so soon.

  6. I really can't wait to see that cake! XOXO!

  7. awww thank-you for my birthday wishes! :) i love that mine and dylan's are so close to each other and that yOURS is coming up!!! have i mentioned enough how much i LOVED my gifts from you!? so sweet, so thoughtful and SO me + you! can't wait to show them off.

    speaking of birthday pressies!!! now that i have a fancy new laptop thanks to my amazing husband, we should have a skype date PRONTO!

    love you x


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