Sunday, March 06, 2011

Here comes the sun

I woke up Saturday morning feeling lazy and unmotivated. All the sickness and stress of the week had really caught up with me and I didn't feel like doing anything. Then I opened the curtains and saw blue sky and sunshine! Immediately my mood changed. Right after breakfast we got dressed and headed out to the park to make the most of the spring-like weather {it's a good thing, too, since it's gone back to rain and hail today...}

Blue sky makes me oh-so-happy. Anyone who lives on the west coast will tell you... it gets grey here in the winter. Really, really grey.

Sawyer was just as thrilled as I was to be outside in the sun.


Here we have the who can swing the highest? competition

Those long legs are perfect for this "slide"

And no trip to the park would be complete without a bit of tree-climbing... not for these two anyway!

It was a good weekend. We played, we shopped, we did puzzles, we drank hot chocolate. I practically finished my report cards {just a few more left to do, and I swear they'll be done tomorrow}, I found the perfect dinosaur cake online, and I even managed to squeeze in a run before the weather turned. I hope it turns back soon. It's amazing what a little bit of blue sky can do for my state of mind!


  1. Isn't that bit of sunshine always a mood lifter. One of the reasons I love living here in Brisbane.

    Glad you spend some much needed fun in the park and enjoyed the sun.

  2. Oh I am already imagining how jealous I will be of your Summer blog posts. It is already getting chilly here. It looked like a great day for the park. Can't wait to see your dinosaur cake.

  3. What a beautiful blue sky! You were so wise to take advantage of it. It's been nice & sunny (though weirdly hazy) here in Annecy since I've been back. It sure does wonders for my spirits (& I'm sure it helps with the jet lag too...)

    Those are some pretty great photos of the boys! XOXO!

  4. rain and hail? yikes! glad you and those cute boys got some sunny skies this weekend. i hope you have a fantastic, injury-free week! :)

  5. hooray for the sunshine! one thing i love about toronto is that no matter how cold it can get and no matter how much snow there is, we never lack sun. and when we do have a day without sun you really really feel it. yay for sunshine!

  6. It's definitely amazing what some sunshine can do to instantly lift your mood and get you going. I always stay in bed when I wake up in the morning until the light streaks in and hits my face. That's my signal it's time to go.


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