Thursday, March 10, 2011


... these afternoon tea coaster invitations {spotted on the beautiful Tea for Joy blog}. They're pretty much perfect for the party I'd like to plan. I'd invite all my favourite girlfriends, and they'd each get a beautiful cup and saucer {no two alike}. We'd wear pretty dresses and sit at a table set with a white tablecloth and lots of flowers. There'd be dainty sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, fresh fruit, lavender shortbread cookies and a tea pot that's always full and always hot. {insert contented sigh here}


  1. Excellent. I'm in. When's the party? ;)

  2. cute! I'll be looking out for my invite in the mail :) actually...i'm going for afternoon tea at a little tea shop in town with a couple of friends today! can't wait! x

  3. So cute! I would love some coasters as sweet as these. I'm catching up on blog reading from this week. Glad to see you enjoyed the Help. It's out of my normal genre but I liked it too!

    I should be mailing your Shine necklace tomorrow (sorry I'm way late about this!


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