Friday, March 11, 2011

Flowers for your Friday {and shoes!}

Sure, flowers are a nice way to celebrate a Friday, but shoes are good too, right? And these ones are so gorgeous {and appropriately floral}, I just had to share. 

It's been a good week, but a busy one, and I'm tired. I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit... after Dylan's birthday party tomorrow that is {I'll be baking yet another cake tonight, and picking up a few party supplies after I go for my run}! Anyway, once the celebration is over, I plan to lounge on the couch with Alan and get caught up on a few episodes of Glee, Fringe and The Event. Maybe I'll make us some popcorn. We'll crack open a bottle of red wine, and just enjoy the down time... And then on Sunday I'll get back to the business of housework and meal-planning. I'm thinking of making a big pot of potato-leek soup {soup seems like just the thing, especially since the weather is so blustery and wet these days...}, and maybe we'll bake some sort of bread to go with it. Mmmm!  Oh, and I'll be back at some point this weekend to post all the photos of Dylan's 6th birthday, too. It was so much fun. And my dinosaur cake was awesome.

Okay, I'd best be off. 22 first-graders await! Wish me luck. I've got a feeling it's going to be a challenging day! Good thing it's almost the weekend.

Happy Friday, lovelies. 


  1. Hi Erin!
    I betcha this will be your next rush purchase, hmmmm? :)

    Yes, have a restful weekend - and a good day today first!

  2. happy friday!!! i absolutely adore those shoes. and thank you so much for the fun gift you sent! it's now my laundry coin purse, which i think will make the task way more fun. :) i can't wait to see the birthday photos! yay!

  3. Have a lovely relaxing weekend. I'll think of you while i'm working lol x


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