Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tumblr Tuesday {wise words}

Oh sure, my tumblr is mostly all about the pretty pictures, but it's also home to some fabulous quotes. Here are a few that I've especially enjoyed lately. 

via etsy
I need this print. Now.

How fabulous is that headboard? Love it.

via flickr
Note to self: remember this as birthday rapidly approaches.

Good idea. I could use a bit of adventure. And a really great pink striped handbag.

Wow. Marcus Aurelius said that?  Wise {and still very relevant} words from way back in Roman times!

J'adore Mary Kate McDevitt. {Remember when Brandi sent me her fab notepad? J'adore Brandi too!} I'm making up my mind to be happy, no matter how mundane or exhausting my day. There is too much to be grateful for to waste time feeling sorry for myself because my kitchen's a mess or I've got yet another load of laundry to do, right? Right.

 *  *  *

Wise words all, wouldn't you say?
Happy Tuesday!


  1. J'adore you too, Erin! This morning I woke up feeling really exhausted and just wanted to go back to sleep. I will admit, I was a wee bit cranky, but your post sent me back on the right track.

  2. I love the things you find Erin! That first print is so sweet. I wish I had more walls to hang prints on and I'd buy it for myself as well!

    I've always liked that saying about age and cheese too. So very true. That and wine!

  3. I'm currently feeling the "Flirt with adventure." quote. I consider myself more of a homebody and I'm ready to start taking advantage of life. :)

    Beautiful quotes!

    PS - My word verification for this post is "dogicing". It made me laugh. I'd love a dog or icing right about now...

  4. i love these quotes! especially that headboard. what a delightful idea. :)

  5. How funny, just the other day I was thinking how many quotes I had been posting on Tumblr in one form or another. You chose some great ones here this week, I particularly love the cheese one!


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