Monday, February 21, 2011

Much Love Monday

It's cold out there today, and there is snow in the forecast. Hmph. We were outside planting seeds in our garden yesterday, and admiring all the crocuses. And now this? Not impressed. However, it's Monday, and Monday is all about the love, so here are a few things that have kept me smiling, despite the weather report:
  • warming my hands by the fire
  • a hot drink on a cold day
  • Dylan's mounting excitement about his fast-approaching birthday {we're going to a "paint your own pottery" place for his party and he just can't wait!}
  • Kim's post about good deeds~ I love it, and am making plans for next week's resolution already
  • pretty much everything about Exquisite Banana, a fave new blog of mine
  • I'm heading to Vancouver on Friday, to see Em again before she flies back to France on the 1st! Wheee!!!
Okay, sounds like there's a little boy brawl going on in the playroom. I'd better go break it up. 

What are you loving this Monday? Link up on Much Love Anna to share, and be sure to leave a note in my comments. Oh, and thank you so very much for all your advice to this worry-wart. I really appreciate it!

xo E


  1. I would love to be able to put heart shaped marshmallows in my kids' hot chocolate. What a great photo!

    And poo on that weather report, no snow thanks :(

    ox Kelly

  2. mmm, a hot drink on a cold day! that's what i'm experiencing right now and it's marvelous. i'm so excited the giving challenge spoke to you! it was so hard for me to stick with it, but it definitely brought an enormous amount of beauty to my life in the end. i'm off to check out exquisite banana right now. happy monday!

  3. Love the hot chocolate photo - good choice for your post! Warm drinks and fires are nice when it's cool out. I've had about as much cold as I can take though. Whew! Painting pottery sounds like a great birthday to me!

  4. Erin! you are too sweet, my friend. I had this weird urge to check back here even though I'm supposed to be doing work, and look what I seems the powers of the universe needed to tell me something ;)

    I hope you know the feeling is entirely mutual.


  5. It's been cool here too. Not so cool that there's snow, but tea is a definite must. Erin, I love how you remind me of the little daily things I need in my life.

  6. Love the heart marshmellow! I think I'll make some hot chocolate later tonight...


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